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The Village
2005 Feb 23

What is this! How did I get here! Who is this internet! Arrrrrrrg the pain of it all! Lauren done reviewed this film. Have a read, would you? WRITING IS FOR SUCKAZ!!! You find this sub-par!? I could say the same about your attendance! What! Next time I will get some sleep before update.

The Breeders: POD
2005 Feb 20

I wrote a review of the first Breeders album, which makes for a rare update to the woefully barren music section. I know, I know. I hear you all saying, "When is Bobby going to write something new?!" but the answer is still the same: No one named Bobby has ever written anything for this site.

Clowning Around With Veekay - #2
2005 Feb 17

Here is the second Clowning Around with VeeKay, you know, the Clown. This is some fairly brilliant stuff this man writes so I probably should have saved putting it up for awhile longer. I've only got total crap after this. Soooo much crap. I mean, uh, it is good. You come back, yeah?

Spurt 42 Starring Tiffany
2005 Feb 14

Tiffany has produced a brilliant guest edition of Spurt. It is, in fact, so brilliant you may have to shield your eyes from the brilliance? And then you can't see the comic, get it? And that's funny.

Summer Scent: Pilot Episode
2005 Feb 11

And now for something completely Phenom!!!

2005 Feb 07

In a step that may be taking this site in a gay arty direction I don't much care for, here's a real, honest-to-Jesus, story that I wrote for a prose writing class. It's written in the English language, instead of the retarded hybrid I normally employ and it's rather long. Tiffany said to put this up so register all complaints with her. It's unlikely this will happen ever again.

Soul Calibur 2
2005 Feb 04

I'm putting up this old review by Jeff I found even though for all I know he could be dead in real life. But he's still alive on the internet! But this is the last thing by him I have so not after this. Unless it turns out he's alive and sends me more stuff! Then he'll come back to life on both the internet and in real life at the same time! Nice how that works, huh?!

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