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National Treasure
2005 Feb 02

Lookin' around the house! Hidden behind the window and the door! Searchin' for signs of life but there's no-body home! Well, maybe I'm just too sure! Or maybe I'm just too frightened by the sound of it! Pieces of note fall down but the letter said WAHOW! IT WAS GOOD! A LIVIN' WITH YOU WAHOW!!!

Resident Evil 4
2005 Jan 30

The kids like it new so here is a review of the fairly recently released game, Resident Evil 4. Next I'll put up something by Gringo to try and mask how self-centered I am. After that's done, I'll put up my glamour shots for everyone to check out. They are both shiny and great.

2005 Jan 26

Did somebody say comic? No?!? You think I care what you say?!? You think I care about YOU?! You think this diatribe is going to start getting funny soon?!? No, neither do I.

Tiffany's Spectacular Puzzle Spectacular!!!
2005 Jan 23

Good morning (it is actually 2 AM)! Here's a puzzle, yes a puzzle, by Tiffany. There probably won't be anymore Tiffany content for maybe another year so get it while it's fresh and sexy! I suggest putting together this entire thing as it contains words to live by. Also, that's how puzzles work.

Gringo's Highs and Lows of 2004
2005 Jan 21

Yeah I thought we were done with these best/worst of last year things too but Gringo made one. It was just fatally important to him that I put up that Alexander thing first. Anyhow, lucky for you and me both, it's much shorter than mine was. But he also talks about his pubes in it, which is uncalled for.

2005 Jan 19

Say there, lads, Gringo's back and junk. Here is his review of that Alexander movie. It has gay jokes and apparently Alexander is sometimes homo in the film so it's pretty appropriate that the first thing I got with a Google image search of "Alexander" was this picture of a young man performing oral sex on a man of the Asian persuasion. Well, not the Asian part really.

Joe's Worst of 2004!!
2005 Jan 13

Here's the other half of that thing, my worst of 2004. If I keep this up, we'll never have to acknowledge any events post-2004! There's a lot about t.A.T.u. in this. I know, I don't get it either.

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