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Joe's Best of 2004 BAM!!!
2005 Jan 11

I typed too much so I split my Best & Worst of 2004 thing into two updates. Here's the first part. This picture of two children fighting is what I got with a Google image search for "2004." Of course I squashed it down so much that you can't make it out.

Phenom's Best/Worst of 2004
2005 Jan 08

Just like I said! Some time in January! Here's Phenom's Best and Worst list for 2004. True to Phenom form, it's kind of offensive and you can't really tell whether he's joking or not! Great! I'll put my list up...uh...soon. Oh, no one's coming anymore, huh? Whoops! My bad!

Gringo Flash 8
2004 Dec 22

Hey what do you know, I found another of these filthy Gringo animations lying about! Lauren made this one. You are all going to laugh at it. Hey, it's okay with me. There's a decent chance I won't be updating again until sometime in January but you can keep coming anyway, if you like.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
2004 Dec 19

Here is a pretend review of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. It's actually a few of the MANY! events that occurred while I was trying to do my student film. This would actually probably be a decently interesting read but I wrote it like a kid with the hardcore ADDHD. Which I probably have. I'll do better ones in the future if you beg me lots (you won't!).

Buffalo '66
2004 Dec 12

I noticed that my updates are really just livejournal entries disguised as reviews. So anyway! I basically didn't review another movie that has been out a long time! You can read it somehow. I don't understand it but it works apparently!!!

Unfunny 16
2004 Dec 08

Oh my. Three days have passed and that picture of the toilet has been the only thing up. Did someone ask for more comic? So free and easy. Soon we will run out of these things and then what, huh? THEN WHAT???

2004 Dec 05

I wrote a well-reasoned response to the movie Closer, starring Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and some British guy. Was it the GREATEST MOVIE EVER? Read my review and find out! Sadly, the man riding a pig is not in the movie.

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