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How to Write for LTM
2004 Nov 29

Lauren wrote this thing about how to write an LTM ( (this site)) article because inquiring minds apparently want I think it's pretty accurate except we also use self-deprecation a lot too. That is the addendum. Also, we suck. You get? Nice.

2004 Nov 24

I was planning to write something new for today's update but that didn't happen so I took the cheap way out again and put up ANOTHER COMIC! And it's one of my horrid Powerpuff ones to boot! I know, I know. Next update will be some time between after Thanksgiving and god knows when.

Thirty Minutes
2004 Nov 22

Here's this thing Gringo wrote that we both agree isn't very good. I kind of like it though, you know, in parts. So, how have you been? Hey, that's great. We keep up this relationship like it means something but we both know it's just gotten awkward and stilted. Anyway, enjoy!

Spurt 41 man!
2004 Nov 17

It's 5 AM and comic updates are still easy!

One Panel 22
2004 Nov 10

Doing comic updates is actually a great deal easier than the other kind. Also, I don't have to write anything. Expect lots of comics! Or, nothing at all. I was planning to make a cock joke but there's no room for it now.

How to Break Dance: Six Step
2004 Nov 08

This was the first picture I got when I did a Google image search for "Lauren." I would feel responsible for someone possibly hurting themselves with this breakdancing guide but luckily I have the fallback of nobody coming here.

Katamari Damacy
2004 Nov 03

If you weren't so busy watching the election results, you'd know I was updating! Here is a NEWish review (it's poor) from me because I'm so great. Maybe for the next one I'll put something by some other loser up.

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