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2004 Sep 04

Please let Uncle Gringo know of any errors you come across via our forum (hint: click on the FORUM button above). Now back to our regular updates and another Spurt.

Doonesbury Election Game
2004 Sep 02

Every page of the site should now be working, hopefully. Now go register at our new forum! In the meantime, to mark the Republican convention in New York City, you get a review of the Doonesbury Election Game.

2004 Aug 29

Okay! We've moved site hosts, which explains why everything might be a little bit screwed up for a while. Everyone should praise Ross and Joe for prolonging LTM's life! Meanwhile, here is Jeff's Commando review again!

2004 Aug 18
There's been some changes to LTM recently! None of them affect you, and I'd be willing to bet you don't care, but you can read all about it if you like right here! To your left is a picture of a clown having an orgasm. Really.
2004 Aug 18
I started typing something about Jerry Springer for this update, but then realised it wasn't funny and instead I should just get right to the point: today's update is another UnFunny comic by Jeff.
2004 Aug 18
This news update was not accidentally deleted and replaced with the one above! Hush your mouth! Just go clicking haphazardly and you'll find Joe's latest Spurt comic.
Scatman John
2004 Aug 18
Read my article about Scatman John because otherwise you'll be wondering what you missed, and one day you'll suddenly think, "Damn, I never read it". A single tear will trickle down your face, but I won't be there to wipe it away.

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Updates Before August 2004 (Also Known As The Too Much Free Time Section)

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