Joe has story published in anthology. You please to buy!


Dr Sunflower 3
2011 Jun 24

Dr. Sunflower's drugs have just become 22% more theoretically edible! Watch about it!!!

Paint It, Rebecca - The Collapse of Culture and the Pursuit of Tainted Fame
2011 Apr 22

It's Friday. So I've written a thesis about how Rebecca Black is a perfect example of how all culture is being drained from our society. You think I'm messin' around? It's the longest thing ever. Serious this time. It's got footnotes.

Gringo's Tenth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2011 Feb 27

Hooray, a new article! Stop those cheers of joy, because it's another Oscar prediction piece. I left this one incredibly late, so the rush job might partially explain the poor quality and terrible humor value of the article. But then again, what else do you expect from this site?

Writing Day
2011 Jan 12

I got another story up on the Internet. It's really corny. Maybe you'll have a literary chuckle or two, I dunno. It's a PDF. Mine's the first one. Enjoy!

Guitar Hero Xmas Re-Repostage
2010 Dec 24

I made this years and years and years ago, but I got no problems with putting it up here again for Christmas. It's Christmas-based. It's about Guitar Hero. Both are still culturally relevant enough, right? Sure.

Dr. Sunflower 2 (Xmas)
2010 Dec 21

Dr. Sunflower is back to wish you a merry Christmas and sell drugs to you and your loved ones.

2010 Dec 15

Just in advance of Christmas, here's that review of 90s adventure game, Sanitarium, you've always wanted! And I even made it thesis-length and included all of my important and vaguely-research-backed musings about the history of video game narratives. What do you mean you wanted a complete set of Rock Band instruments? Get your head on straight.

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