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Scooby-Doo! Fruit Flavored Snacks
2010 May 22

Phew, I managed to get this article up in late May which means I hit the quota of one update per month. Try to enjoy this odd little piece all about fruit snacks based on Scooby-Doo. Yeah.

Garfield: His 9 Lives
2010 Apr 19

Updating once a month is better than never updating, right? Maybe. Here's April's effort, a review of the cartoon special Garfield: His 9 Lives. See you in May, unless Joe surprises us all by writing something.

Denis Through The Drinking Glass
2010 Mar 28

Surprise, you get another update! Keeping with this site's general inability to address anything from current pop culture, here's a review of a decades-old adventure game called Denis Through The Drinking Glass. I'll try harder next time. Perhaps.

Gringo's Ninth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2010 Feb 24

An update? To this site? Impossible, you say! Well, take off your nay-saying hat and put on your, uh, un-nay-saying goggles and go read our first article of 2010. It's my Oscar prediction funfest. Woo...hoo?

A Bunch of Words About Maniac Mansion
2009 Nov 28

In keeping with our whole "only write about old Lucasarts' games" theme, Jeff sent me this thing about three different versions of Maniac Mansion quite some time ago and, keeping with my "only update once every few months" theme, I am only just putting it up now.

Classick LTM - Mira Craig
2009 Nov 11

Updating with new things is a just plain silly notion. I mean, who even wants to bother with that noise? This is something I wrote not that long ago about Norwegian superstar, Mira Craig. But, whatever, everything that goes on this website is an instant classick. LTM will rise again some day. Or something. Maybe. I dunno. Everybody chill out.

Magic Donkey Fan Comic #1
2009 Oct 16

Howdy. It's been awhile. And rather than make you something my own damn self, I got this guy by the moniker of Fatboy to do it for me. Here's a (yes, really) Magic Donkey fan comic, featuring a pretty effectively disturbing new character. MAGIC DONKEY FAN COMICS ARE NOT RECOGNIZED AS OFFICIAL MAGIC DONKEY CANON!!! I take this shit seriously.

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