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Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas
2009 Jun 23

Whoa, Internet! I forgot you were there for a sec. Well, the folks behind Freaky Farley gave me a copy of their new film and since seeing legitimately independent films is fun for me and reviewing something relatively unknown is one of the few times I feel useful on this website, I had a rather good time with Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas. Go read now!

Classick LTM - Farenheit: Indigo Damacy
2009 May 30

Here's an arguably classick review of the game Farenheit/Indigo Damacy/Indigo Prophecy. The creator and studio responsible's new game is getting uberhyped, but looks to me like it's going to blow in much the same style as this one did. As getting a PS3 is like a magical fever dream to me, this old review will have to do. It should apply just as well to the new game.

Braid and How Its Plot is All Shoehorney
2009 May 16

Here's a text dump about the game Braid that is my assessment of why its attempts at a storyline don't really work. It's not funny and if you want to but haven't played the game yet, you shouldn't read it due to spoilers. So it's only for people who've finished Braid and wish to hear lengthy opinions on the legitimacy of its story. Being easily accessible is sort of my thing.

Classick LTM - Bazooka Joe
2009 May 06

I'm writing a new thing that only a small audience will appreciate (in other words, business as usual), but it's not gonna be done for a few more days whilst I pretend to have a life so here's an update of the classick variety by Jeff. It's about Bazooka Joe bubble gum, most specifically it's not-goodness.

Javier: Reneg'day Angle
2009 Apr 21

Not so long ago the creators of the Adult Swim series Xavier: Renegade Angel had a contest in which one could submit their own animation to be included as part of the series. I half-assed an entry, which is sort of my thing. Apparently, this fact was totally lost on them 'cuz I ain't win nuttin'. Anyway, you can watch it now. If you want.

The Top 5 Most Overrated Foreign Films...Ever!
2009 Apr 16

How goes it? I wrote a thing about what I think the most overrated foreign films are. So take that foreigners and the country of Foreignia. And you locals can take it too. And read it at your leisure. Maybe take a few breaks now and then, if you like. It's a bit lengthy after all.

One Panel #54
2009 Apr 03

Here's a One Panel Comic I made. You take it and you like it. Ahh, the hits just keep on coming. That is to say they will, if you keep on giving me that any place other than where I specifically requested you give it. Xoxo.

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