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The Unborn
2009 Jan 13

You know that the international poster for The Unborn features a hot girl with a funny name's ass? Over here, we just get Gary Oldman screaming at a dictionary. Anyway, here's my review of the movie, and by review I mean I didn't see the movie and I didn't actually write a review.

2009 Jan 07

A rare update to the fake sites section! This is the culmination of something I started work on in 2005: LTM TV, the future of television. Oh, and it took so long because I'm lazy, not because I worked hard on it. Sorry!

Joe's Best and Worst of 2008
2009 Jan 03

I wrote a definitive list of the Best and Worst junk what came outta 2008. I thought this was gonna be shorter than usual because I only did ten total, rather than twenty, but, unfortunately, I wrote it, so that kinda crushed any hope of brevity.

Southern Xmas Shall Rise Again
2008 Dec 29

Here's something a bit late that's Christmas-oriented by Phenom. I don't really know what he's talking about at parts because it's Phenom, but it features a wrestler and the South and I found some of it amusing enough and that's the point here. That I am amused. Enough.

2008 Dec 25

If no one looks at this site usually, they definitely aren't today. Yes, I'm assuming only people who observe Christmas come to this site. I'm close-minded that way. Anyway, Jeff drew a Christmas thing that he claims was pretty half-assed, but I thought it was funny so he's still okay with me.

Quantum Leap: The Alphabet Song Rap
2008 Dec 24

Gringo here! Given that Christmas Day is just a few hours away, I'm going to let you open your present early. Okay, it's a present for just one reader, but it's exactly what they asked for: the lyrics to the Quantum Leap Alphabet Song Rap. Happy holidays!

One Panel Comics #52
2008 Dec 21

OMCHRISTMAS, GUYZ. I made a Christmas comic for you because I am in such a goddamned sonofabitch festive mood, shit! The humor works on many levels, so try to collect enough hilarity points to unlock the bonus one! READY??? START!!!

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