Here are a bunch of sites that I visit frequently, to either amuse myself or see something of interest. No porn links, but that's because I keep those private. Tee hee! And if you believe that, I'll tell you another. No really, I will. Where are you going?

Nothing Sacred

Excellent reviews and rants, with much more on offer. All three of you reading this links page should check it out. Easily the best out there.

We Ain't Cool

Let Jacky-O take you on a trip through Transformers, Archie, wrestling stars and some of the funniest writing out there, dagnabit. I also promise not to use the word dagnabit again.

Angry German

The only one round here who will be angry is me, if you don't click the link above. See what I did there?

The Means

Serving up high culture and pop culture in equal portions of goodness. Sorry, that's the worst link description ever. Just go visit.

Learn all about Evil Charles and his Smirnoff Ice drinking ways.

Parasite TV

The good kind of parasite. I think.

Some Kid

Listen to me hum a tune! Doo-do, do-do do doo-do, doo-do, do-do do doo-doo.


They rock your socks. No, really, they do!

We Hate You

Any site that finally exposes the cartoon Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers for what it really was has to be worth checking out.

He linked to us, so I'm linking back. Plus, I like the site. He's taking a break, but hopefully will be back one day.

The DaddyRabbit's Lair

Tirades, articles and even a poem about Dr. Ruth. Life is good!

Fat Chicks In Party Hats

A cruel site, an obnoxious site, one that appeals to the evil person in all of us. Take a look, and read the comments by Miguel, a modern social commentator who lives inside a house of beef. Allegedly. Can sometimes border on the tasteless, but mostly funny. Go now.

I'm only putting this here because it is, quite simply, the best search engine in the world.

Pokey The Penguin

I like Pokey. You like Pokey. We all like Pokey. YES.


Phone Bashing is about - well - phone bashing. The people responsible hate mobile phones with a passion and as such choose to destroy them whenever they get the chance. There are clips of them succeeding at this task on their minimalist site. I think that this little piece from the site sums up the joy: "All the people concerned are real members of the public and no one was refunded for the loss of their mobile telephone. Shame!"



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