Buffalo '66
Review By: Joe

I had some ideas about things to review or to write things that were more current and hip (a word from the Chinese language) but instead I watched Buffalo '66 last night for my second time and decided to review it. Look, I don't care, ok? This paragraph is unfinished!

Buffalo '66, or Buggalow '66 if you miss the 'f' key and hit the 'g' key instead and add a 'w' to the end, is a movie directed, written, and scored by and starring Vincent Gallo. Vincent Gallo, if you are unfamiliar with him, is a weirdo who seems to think very much of himself. His latest film, The Brown Bunny, contains a scene of genuine oral sex given to him by actress Chloe Svegingnyngin, who I think always plays the whore in an indie movie or something.

Anyway, Vincent's pretty weird because he seems to want to be in charge of just about everything in his movies AND be the lead and his characters are always very fucked up. Also, I think he is proud of his cock because there is a line in which he is complimented for its size in Buffalo '66 and then there's the real live blowjob in the other movie.

So, anyhow, Vincent is crazy and I haven't seen The Brown Bunny but it seems quite questionable. Buffalo '66 on the other hand is supergreat with wings!

Please understand this: I have to do the following things before the end of next week: Edit, record sounds, and make music for a short film, write two 4 page papers, a page of 25 terms, half a semester's worth of journal that I've not started for a class I don't keep notes for (7 pages), another 8 page paper, 20 pages of creative writing, and a revisement of 20 or so more pages of writing. DID YOU READ THAT? OK SO LISTEN, I'M SORRY BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WRITE THIS RIGHT NOW. Let's end the review, yes? Hahaha listentome.net is sure great. You like those comics though, huh?

What, are you still here? Okay, Buffalo '66 is slow-moving (perhaps a bit too much at times) and indie-like and some of it pretty much makes NO sense but it's also hilarious and sad and oh so touching! And there are like these sculptures of people getting shot, you should see it, it's cool. I think it is good in a movie when there are lines where people say "You know why they call you Goon? Because you're retarded. And you're ugly. You're an ugly retard. And they call you Goon because you're ugly and retarded. And you'll always be Goon. Goon, Goon, Goon. And that's what I'm gonna call you for the rest of your life, is Goon. Goon, Goon, Goon, Goon, okay? So fuck you."

If you agree with me, and you do, you watch the movie, huh? Plus Christina Ricci's tats are pretty well showcased throughout the film and those are really quite nice. Ok, I'm gonna go try to do some work but it's really hard to do, mostly because I'm American.

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