Are We There Yet?
Review By: Lauren

Hello again LTMketeers! Today I have a treat for you! A review of a movie that is not over 6 years old! In fact it is still in theaters! Holy Shit! Are you sure this is Listen to Me!?! Current material! Are you out of your mind!?!? Don't worry, it is still agonizingly sub par. Just the way you likes it!

I was once again tricked by the previews for a movie. I thought just because it had Oscar Award winning actor Ice Cube that it was going to be a lot like other things that that he has written, mainly the Friday Series. I have one word for this movie: Gay.

Other than just yell and cuss a lot about how much it sucked I am going to rewrite it the way it should have been.

Is We Dere Yet, Nigga?
By Lauren

You know that's how we roll. Keepin it gangsta! Piece out till next time!

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