True Lies
Review By: Nicke Ninja

This is one of the better films with Arnold. He's playing some sort of secret super-agent who also speaks funny. And his wife (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) doesn't know anything about this, she thinks he's working with , heck I don't know. Computers?

Anyways what I do remember about this movie is that it mostly was cool, so I am going to conclude what and what was lame. Hey! I never claimed I could write rewievs so give me some slack. Do we untersteeeent eachother? Ja?

Se cool stuff in se film

· Arnold slaps the heads of two viscious guard dogs toghether so they pass out
· Arnold chases the villain (who is an arab on a mc) through a hotel while riding a horse
· His punchline when he kills the bad guy is so stupid it becomes good!
· His colleauge is a fat guy which I've seen in other movies, he's funny.
· They make a guy pee in his pants.
· Arnold kills a dussin people without blinking.
· The story which I've pretty much forgot except it involved atom bombs was allright for an Arnold action movie.

Ant se lame stuff in se film

*Jamie Lee Curtis is the wife.
*Jamie Lee Curtis isn't hot! The only Halloween film I've seen was H20 it sucked balls, and she wasn't hot there either!! I don't know about the others.
*Jamie Lee Curtis drops an uzi down the stairs so it starts fireing and kills a lot of bad guys. I know it's an action movie and unlikely things can happen but what are the odds for that? I say like Guybrush Threepwood, that shot was one in a Zillion!
*There's probably much more but I don't really remember.

(You've seen that fucking Halloween movie, H20 right? I mean what was up with the psycho with the knife? First they shot him.. I don't know a couple of times so he crashes through a window and falls a couple of meters. And they put him in a body bag. Then they go away in the ambulance and the fuckers alive!? So they start fighting, (Jamie and that guy). Yeah yeah anyways, they start flipping with the bus down a hill or something and the psycho guy gets thrown out so he gets stuck between the ambulance and a big tree. And what happens? He's still alive!!! So then Jamie chops his head of with an axe. So I guess he died after that.)

On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being totally worthless and 10 super-great I'd say the movie ends up on a 7. True Lies I mean.

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