Old School Hip Hop Movies - Part I
Review By: Lauren

HEY! It's me! Remember! That guy that Joe doesn't like to use for updating! Hello! Exclamations are a nasty! STOLE! Well this is my review, part 1, of old school hip hop movies, starting with the first one ever called Wild Style. All the movies that will be reviewed are when Hip Hop was real, and not the phony ass shit you see today. As you can tell I am a hardcore Hip Hopper that was clearly raised in "tha projects".

Wild Style is set in the Bronx is in 1982. It starts out with a kid named Zorro "tagging", or to the laymen, illegally defacing private property with Graffiti. He is the best in the city and his skillz (that's right a z) have caught the attention of a young lady. They meet and the sparks fly, but then she sees a new guy, who is better at graffiti. She then breaks up with Zorro. Who hasn't this happened to? One minute you're on top of the world and the next minute some prince charming sweeps your girl off her feet with his mad fresh tagging.

While all this is going on there is a reporter ho-bag who wants to get the first story about this new fad called Hip Hop. She meets up with Zorro and he gives her tha hook ups. Zorro takes her to all the illest scenes. The reporter, or Cool Lady Blue (in real life she was Rock Steady Crew's manager) witnesses every aspect of hip hop. From Graff artists, rap battles, DJing, and break dancing. Now that she has her story its time to get funky. Zorro spray paints the front of a stadium to prepare for the party of the century.

The "Ampatheater Jam" as it is called, is a huge outdoor jam that is the most famous hip hop party ever. The true roots of hip hop are in this climatic scene. Hip Hop's pioneers: DJ's Grand Master Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, D.St.; rappers Grand Master Caz and The Cold Crush Bros, The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Double Trouble, Fantastic Freaks and RAMMELLZEE and bboy's from The Rock Steady Crew all appear together in the last scene. It's stupid def!

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