Red Eye
Review By: Joe

You know what's amazing?! Out of all the trash he's created, I hadn't actually seen a Wes Craven film up until this point! Sure I'd seen snippets of those foolish Scream dealies and I saw like five seconds of The People Under the Stairs which just grossed me out and made me unhappy but that's pretty much it! I would attribute this to the fact that I am a wusspuss and don't like to see many movies what's got blood on them. And I just assumed he sucked too.

Therefore, I had no desire to see Red Eye (especially after seeing the cheesy trailer that zooms in on Cillian Murphy's EYE and it turns RED) but then people I knew were seeing it so I did! And you know what?! I had myself a good time yay!

Red Eye has in it Cillian Murphy who is the weird looking Irish guy from 28 Days Later and Batman Begins. I disliked the former but liked the latter film and Red Eye so clearly I am only okay with Cillian when he is both a villain and pretending to be American. It also stars Rachel McAdams who is pretty darn hot but, surprisingly enough, a pretty good actress too.

This movie is mostly about Cillian and Rachel sitting next to each other on a plane and Cillian is like "HEY I'M GONNA KILL YOUR FATHER IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING FOR ME!" and Rachel is like "Oh no!" and cries a bunch. To be quite frank, I didn't really give a dang or two about what was going on for a lot of it. Reviews I have been reading are like "oHH THE TENSION DA SUSPENZZZ!!" and, I have to say, I didn't much feel either. I wasn't HATING the film, I just was fairly indifferent to it.

I started liking the film as soon as Rachel fights back and starts kicking Cillian's ass (this is not a spoiler, come now, you knew she was going to). Maybe I am into domination and I didn't know it but I dig these movies where a girl suddenly gets her shit together and starts rocking some dick guy like it's nobody business. The fact of the matter is that I very often HATE female and children characters in films because of how they are portrayed as being helpless. I find it very irritating. I do not like the "WATCH DAT GIRL RUN" type of movie and I hated those stupid little kids in Jurassic Park and wished greatly for them to perish.

I am therefore a big fan of films like this where girls aren't presented as being completely helpless (incidentally, there's a smart child, also a girl, in this film too whose character is kind of unbelievable but she's okay too) and beat the shit out of some loser(s) stirring the audience to clap every time she lays into him real good. This is different from a character like, say, The Bride from Kill Bill. Not that I disliked that character but she was an action movie character who you already knew could kick lots of ass unrealistically. In this case, we have an "average" girl who uses everything at her disposal (she throws a lot of stuff mostly) to fuck somebody up. Sure, it's not entirely realistic but I think, if she wanted to, a girl could kick Cillian Murphy's ass so I was more than cool with it.

It's sort of odd because most reviews seem to say the plane stuff is where this film is cool what with the tension and suspense but that just didn't do it for me. I didn't think this film was really scary at all but I did have fun as soon as Cillian started getting hurt by Rachel. This movie is in no way perfect. The plot is hardly airtight and requires you to suspend your disbelief quite a bit but at least you get to see a pretty girl beating up a feminine man (oh and this one other guy too). I'd say that's worth your dollar!

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