March of the Penguins
Review By: Joe

Oh! So is that what you think, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC??? Is that what you fucking think?! You think if you take a nature show and have Morgan Freeman narrate it, it's suddenly a movie?! Like officially a movie?! Like I'm not gonna fucking notice it's just a lengthy nature show + Morgan Freeman?! Don't diahrrea on my face and tell me it's pee-pee on my face, National Geofuckingraphic!! I know the difference between a diahrrea and a pee-pee!

On my FACE!

This movie's FINE I guess. If you want to watch a fucking nature show, that is. Some of the shots are real pretty. And it's insane that the filmmakers endured such harsh conditions just to make a NATURE SHOW.

If I was a penguin, I'd personally just give up and die. I mean what good are they anyway? To look like cute little tuxedo bird-people?? OOH, THAT'S, HELPFUL! WHEN YOU GONNA BRING HOME A PAYCHECK, PENGUIN?!????

It's a NATURE SHOW. The penguins WALK a bunch, the penguins' BABIES DIE due to the CRUELTY and HARSHNESS of nature (a theme characteristic of most NATURE SHOWS), and then some of them go on to MAKE MORE PENGUINS. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES! The baby penguins were cute.

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