Bully (the movie and also the book too)
Review By: Joe

Hello, Internetron 3000. I input into you review. With sexy results.

So I reviewed Kids directed by Mr. Larry Fuckin' Clark not that long ago. I didn't much care for it and when I don't care for someone's work I tend to seek out more of what they've created because I prefer to be Les Miserables more than the alternative (Spamalot). So I seeked out (or suck out if you are a real grammar whore) another happytime wonderful creation by Mr. Clark (Asian translation: Cralk), Bully. I'm gonna tell you the whole plot now pretty much so, uh, get ready for spoiler nation.

Bully is a HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD IT'S TRUE story about a naughty dirt boy named Bobby who is all "Oh I have a friend named Marty who I will abuse with abuse and also gay sex sort of and there's some other stuff." Then these two moronic girls show up and go all "Unf unf, how about we have sex in this car with you two boys." They live in the stupidest possible part of Florida.

Eventually the fatter girl, who is named Lisa, gets all girlfriendy with Marty because he's just so great due to his ability to recite Eminem lyrics as they play on television. She decides she doesn't like Bobby because he is always mean to her Marty and also because he hits her with a belt and rapes her at one part, apparently, but she seems to get over it pretty fast. So she is all, "Marty, howzabout we kill that naughty Bobrick?" and then Marty cries so much he drools, but then they decide, okay, yeah we'll kill him.

So, being the stupidest goddamned people in the entire world ever, they get together like fifty-eight people to help them and they all kill Bobby in a violent scene of grossness. Then, in keeping with the stupidest goddamned people in the entire world ever theme, they go around blabbing to other people about what they did so someone tells the cops and they go to jail. Marty gets put to death and the rest of them go to jail for quite awhile. Winners all around!

So the acting is good, as far as playing the parts of fucking morons who shouldn't be alive goes and Michael Pitt does his "Oh look, I'm a stoner" thing, and that's about all the positives.

The camerawork is sloppy and amateurish (the damn thing was filmed in twenty-three days) because it's Larry Clark and close-ups of young girls' butts and scenes of them being all naked are the order of the day because it's Larry Clark. I guess I get the whole "Oh look how this country sexualizes our youth" concept, but it seems more like the real reasoning behind it is that Larry Clark is a gross old man who likes to look at little kids. Sure, you're supposed to judge the art, not the artist, but it gets more difficult when he does the same thing repeatedly. I found it especially funny on the DVD's extras were Larry Clark's reasoning behind casting Bijou Phillips is something to the effect of (with broad smile accompaniment), "Bijou is...she's great, she's just great." MM, HMM, Mr. Clark.


Also, there's one scene of dialogue between all the characters where Larry Clark elected to just stand in the middle of them and spin in a circle. It doesn't add to the effect of the scene. It just goes on for too long and gets nauseating after awhile.

Now, just like Kids, the writing feels quite atrocious and unrealistic to me. In fact, I'd say it's worse. The characters are so fucking retarded and ridiculous that they seem to defy basic human logic. Luckily for Larry Clark, he has the safety net of this being based on a true story. Still, the character's actions often made such little sense that I actually sucked out the TRUE CRIME NOVEL!!! that the movie was based on to see if it was even the slightest bit more sensemaking.

So, yeah, I've actually both seen the movie and read the book (which says on the cover "Now a major motion picture!" even though a Larry Clark diahhrea production is hardly what I'd call "major") at this point. The book is not particularly well written ("Oh, hallo! My name is the author! I like to use the word 'explode' a lot!"), but it paints a better picture of the events than the movie does. The movie had to cut out a fair amount (Clark elected to do most of the lead-up to the murder and very little of the period after it and the trial), but what is in there is extremely faithful to the book, probably because Larry Clark does not know how to write. The characters are just as retarded in the book as they are in the film, but the author has the benefit of being an omnicient narrator and is therefore able to explain what (or what he thinks at any rate) the thought processes (or lack thereof) behind the kids'dumbass acts were.

For example, after Bobby rapes Lisa she decides to get her friend, Ali (BIJOU!), to come have sex with him. In the movie I did not at all understand what the hell her motive was in doing this. In the book it's explained that she thought she could get Ali and Bobby together, thereby getting Bobby to leave her and her BF, Marty, alone. This is still the illogic of a braindead fool, but at least I understand it now and it doesn't just seem like a series of random events.

From at least these two films, it seems to me that Larry Clark's MO is to take young kids who are the absolute dregs of society and show you just how stupid and naughty-naughty they are. He must've read Bully and gotten a boner realizing just how well it fit his style (and, of course, he got kids much more attractive than the kids from the actual events to play the parts). Now not only did he have another story about awful children doing awful things, but it was actually true so people like Joe at listentome.net could not cry "lack of realism!!" Although, hey, would somebody like to explain to me why Bobby talks to his father while completely in the buff? That shit wasn't in the book!

I do not enjoy Clarky's films much at all because my theory is that morons shouldn't get their own movies or books. Why center anything around people who do nothing but drag society down? Still, I see a purpose to it. It's fine to watch Larry Clark's films once and go "Oh. So that's how awful it can get." Now you are aware of the worst people in the world, so you can try not to be like them and you don't have to watch the movie ever again.

The movie, Bully, seemed so goddamned nonsensical that I believe I disliked it even more than Kids. However, in a way, it's a better Larry Clark film to see, just because, WOO!, it's TRUTH, so you can say "Oh dear, that is just awful" and actually mean it. ALSO HOWEVER, there's a book out there, which came first and explains more and puts across more of a message. The film comes off as "Boy, these kids suck," whereas the book seems to be saying "Boy, these kids suck because their parents are inattentive morons." The book is a much better portrait of society's decline. Larry Clark's movie is a series of shots of stupid nearly underaged girls' tits and asses.

So, actually, maybe the movie's more worth watching.

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