The Best Movie Ever
Review By: Lauren

Hey noobs! Sorry for not writing anything, but I was busy not giving a shit! About anything! Because I am hardcore like that. FUCK. THE. WORLD. That's right I went there. But you can once again bow at my supremacy since I am about to redefine literary history.

I was at my local entertainment superstore, Hastings(TM), perusing the horror section for the only kind of movie worth watching: zombie movies. There were two that caught my eye, but I decided on one called Zombie. I am pretty sure if there was an award for the most unoriginal title award Zombie would have won...several.


This movie was made in the 70s but surprisingly has good gore effects. Basically I didn't pay attention to the plot and just watched everyone get there asses RUINED by merciless zombies. How merciless? They battle sharks. Yes, sharks.

Joe's Note: What's happening?!?

Joe's Note: Whoops!!!

This is the greatest moment in cinematic history. Sharks vs. Zombies. Actually I couldn't figure out how they did it because that is a real dude wrestling with a real shark. At one point the shark is like "Fuck this" and rips the zombies arm off. At which point a chunk is bit out of the sharks fin. Who ever made this movie is either a genius or completely insane. After this scene the movie is kind of a blur since I just witnessed an epic battle between two of the earth's most fearsome creatures. One thing I do remember is this Zombie pulls this girls hair and makes her eye fly into a splintered piece of wood. Seriously though, this movie has sharks and zombies. Watch it!


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