My Little Bride
Review By: Darth-Phenom

(This was originally written in Korean by the same writer but translated to the best of ability)

Good day to paedophiles who don't like nudity! This is dream movie for enjoyment purposes. Yes, surely everyone dreams of marrying their 15 year old cousin and this fine picture details a gentleman who happens to be so lucky. My Little Bride is one of those rare films which is original. Sort of. Well, I haven't seen too many movies like it thus it is original and if you disagree and start referencing this movie and that one which it borrows from, you are a DORK with too much salad on your hands. Salad made from all the time you have because you have no hobbies. Yes, that is YOU, Mr. Dork. Wanna die?

Instead of watching obscure arthouse pieces which no one likes, one should enjoy the dignified quality of Korean cinema. Three millions of Koreans enjoy to watch it. We Koreans, homogenous in their tastes. Of course that figure may not be entirely accurate as the majority of the cinema goers were probably teenage girls who saw it at least ten times each. My error is possible though. I thus pride myself on a taste which reflects that of the average Korean highschool girl.

Plot is known is to focus around a dying grandfather and his sworn promise. During dinner discussion, two cousins are given this promise. They must marry for the old man's sake and this has reputation of inconvenience. Perhaps marriage of cousins is unusual to some but not to be undertaken lightly here in Korea. So that is a promise: they see to it and are soon married after grandfather's death but are unwilling. The marriage is promised to not be consumation for several years due to causes.

Kim Ho Jun is quite the flossy director and his movies leave a sugary taste in the mouth! He does no know to rub the tastebuds the right way and this movie is no exception. One can be said to have a good time when sitting through this because fun can be had. But no candy, this is a jawbreaker for there are sad times as well as happy. There were times I laughed out loud at the antics of the characters, while at times I felt so frustrated as the character of Kim Rae Won was made to look a fool with his young wife Boeun (Moon Geun-young) showing unacceptable respect. There were the sad times when Sangmin (Kim Rae Won) was forced to leave and the aura of loneliness resonates even to the audience member.

Moon Geun-young was really quite adorable in her role as a nubile yet sassy teenage bride. Yes, she is Korea's favourite actress and with good reason too. Her intelligence is well known but this speaks nothing of her acting skill. She is a great actress and this is obvious at how her emotion translates to the general well-being of the movie. She is responsible for that sweet candy feel and the heart-wrenching moments of decay. One can instantly fall in love with her as one does with that sweet candy feel resonating throughout the being. She is too very adorable and can be seen. And there is comedy when she hides in a curtain like a ghost and stumbles off the balcony. Oh yes, does our Korea love her!

Kim Rae Won adds some real funny comedy to the picture. It is probable to roar with laughter at his various antics including appearance of fried tofu noodles. Especially comments on Bouen's lopsided buttocks face had much of the audience in laughter? He enjoys to heap water over sex tourists at the resort too. A very too funny scene. This is a very too Korean sense of humour in this movie but can be translated to international markets rather well. His performance is a high-spirited one and his appearance as an incompetent yet frustrated husband complies well with Geun-young's role as only a mere highschool student forced into marriage in this strange situation.

Oh yes, this is quite the movie with meaning and should the advice be given to see it. Not only a sweet candy-feel movie it is probable to be reduced to emotions with tears. Not only for Korea, many markets can be found for enjoyments. I am translate to English so many will know. Perhaps you can enjoy like Coca-Cola?

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