Review By: Jeff

For the longest time now, I've wanted to see an action movie that's not about choreographed fight scenes and overly elaborate stunts. Something that would take me back to the glory days of the genre before John Woo showed up and every studio in Hollywood began to copy Hong Kong's style.

Just as I was about to give up hope and accept the fate of wearing out my Commando DVD, Sylvester Stallone appeared, like a machine gun wielding messiah, and delivers what is perhaps the holiest of cinematic tomes to which we shall call, Rambo. Rather than talking about the plot or anything like that I'm just going to talk about what this movie does that made me enjoy it so much.

For starters, this movie is violent and I mean really violent we're talking heads blowing up and limbs flying everywhere in a symphony of...destruction. This isn't standard action violence like a guy getting shot and falling down while groaning, this is a guy getting shot and having his torso leave his legs as blood and gore fill the screen. I'd even go as far as to call this one of the goriest movies of all time and I'm sure a few horror fans will be curious as to how this movie could have so much over the top blood'n guts and still only come away with an "R" rating.

Nobody is safe from what happens in this film as woman, children and even the damn dogs fall victim to the carnage caused by the Burmese army. Some people will be turned off by this or even base it as a reason to hate the film but I believe it was the right choice on Stallone's part as he's trying to give the audience a real look at the type of hosed up stuff that's happening right now in several countries. That's just the way it is, you don't want to see it or think about it but that shit happens and it's refreshing to see somebody acknowledge it outside the confines of World War II.

Finally, I kind of like the way the missionaries and their "We can help the world" attitude contrasted with Rambo's "Fuck the world" outlook. Of the group, we only get to know Michael and Sarah who have the same conviction for helping the Burmese people but differing opinions of our hero. Michael sees Rambo as a murderous psychopath and a run-in with river pirates only cements this. Sarah, on the other hand, sees Rambo as a tortured soul that's led a hard life but can be saved from his demons. Both believe that violence is never the answer to anything but they soon learn what "necessary evil" means.

I can honestly say that Rambo is, without a doubt, the best action film to come out in over a decade. It's got everything I've been wanting and even stuff I didn't know I wanted but then, when I saw it, I was all like, "Yeah, I'll take some of that too". This is old school, hardcore, no holds barred action plain and simple and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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