Mamma Mia!
Review By: Gringo

Because you come to this site for reviews of camp musicals, right?

Long time ago in Bethlehem, I wrote a review of the stage musical Mamma Mia!, a pretty entertaining production that cobbles together a bunch of ABBA songs and weaves them into a fairly straightforward tale about a young girl trying to figure out which of three men her father is. Yes, her momma was the kind of hobag who got busy with three men in the space of one week, meaning it's a game of sperm roulette guessing who knocked her up. Hey, maybe it was even Seth Rogen. He's good at accidentally impregnating ladies. And being sarcastic. And making endless, woefully unfunny and annoying "jokes" about weed. And...well, that's about the extent of Mr. Rogen's abilities, it appears.

After the stage musical raked in millions of moolah, the decision was taken to fleece the public even more by turning it into a movie. Recently, I had the chance to check it out. Is it worth your $10? Or $11.50 when booked through Fandango, which charges a rather silly fee for the privilege of convenience? The answer is yes, no, or maybe, depending on the kind of person you are.

Yes: If you like cheesy comedy, actors phoning it in, and ABBA. As annoying as that trifecta might seem, it's actually a very entertaining piece of fluff. Just like the stage musical has no pretensions of being an intellectual night out, the movie version is unashamedly camp, silly, laughable (especially poor Pierce Brosnan's painful attempt at singing)...but somehow it works. If you can cast aside your cynical world view for roughly two hours, then this is a pretty fun movie. Utterly forgettable -- like last weekend's hookup -- but you'll feel good afterward. Unlike last weekend's hookup.

Maybe: If you try to go see The Dark Knight but it's still sold out, this is a good second option that's a world away from the story of the Caped Crusader and the kooky Joker (a movie that, incidentally, Joe should totally do a review of...even if it is a few weeks late).

No: If you're a straight guy who thinks the only good thing about ABBA songs is the end of them.

If you fall into the latter category, great. Let's grab a beer at Hooters like real brahs do. Hey, maybe we can even do Jaeger shots? Won't that be awesome? Then, when we're like totally tanked and stuff, we can go pick up some chicks to bang. Dude! Of course, they'll probably turn us down because they don't like popped collars, striped polos and plaid shorts...but screw them, right, my man? Instead, we can go back to our dorm and late in the night we'll make an awkward pass at each other -- but we're totally not gay. We're just two bros helping each other out.

And that, my friends, is why I'm glad I never went to college in America.

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