Pirates Of The Caribbean
Review By: Joe

I haven't seen this movie. Maybe I will eventually. I mean I probably should've seen this over Tomb Raider 2 but whatever. Anyway, Gringo (he runs the site) told me to review it based on my knowledge of the Disney World/Land ride so that is what I will do. The last time I rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was a bit more than a year ago, I think, so I don't remember much but that is ok!

If the movie is anything like the ride it is probably pretty good! You get to sit in a boat in the water (a first for cinema!!) the whole time! There is one part where the pirates (they are really robots but that is ok!) shoot cannonballs at you (with cannons!) and it goes "SPLASH" right next to you and you are like "HOLY SHIT I ALMOST DIED!!" Robots with cannons are scary!

There are also drunk pirates (they are also actually robots!) who sing songs! They dance about singing and dancing and frolicking as pirates do! It's great!

There is one part where a fat lady (made of robot) chases a pirate (also robot) around a table. She wants sex (robot sex!) but the pirate is not having any of it he is like "NO FAT CHICKS!" (he is a robot!). That's all I can really remember.

This movie is great! I like robots and I like pirates so I really like robot pirates best of all! A movie about them is a good idea and the part with the fat lady (robot) has a lot of drama to it and I feel is very poignant.

I think Johnny Depp is in this movie but I don't remember him from the ride!!! I don't even think he is a robot!!

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