Heroes In A Half Shell

Whatever that means.

Puppet Master II

The puppets are back, on a quest for brain juice.

Planet Of The Apes

Ape shit.

Life After Walt

Subversive trends and wacky sidekicks abound.

Jurassic Park III

Return to Isla Sorna...again.

Barbarella - Queen Of The Galaxy

Fall down, have sex. Repeat.

Super Mario Bros.

Everybody walk the dinosaur.


Ross' intelligence is truly artificial.

America's Sweethearts

Reviewing crap before it is excreted from Hollywood's ass.

The Animal

"He wasn't much of a man...now he's not much of an animal."

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Film adaptation of bad video game equals...

Puppet Master

They're puppets. Who kill. And stuff.

Hooray For Being Serious

Tip #1: Don't employ Kevin Costner.

Ninja Academy

Learning to love the poor man's Mr. Miyagi.

How To Make A Comedy

And how not to. I'm so helpful!

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