Kevin Smith's Movies

Stuff and nonsense.


Singing John Adams is coming to get you!

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Part 2



Featuring the return of a woman with big gums.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Teach yourself credit card fraud!

The James Bond Movies - Part IV

The fourth part! Of four! Can you count yet?

The James Bond Movies - Part III

I knew you'd stop reading by now.

The James Bond Movies - Part II

The suck continues!

The James Bond Movies - Part I

You're going to stop reading by part two, I can tell.

Dracula Sucks!

Bite me.

The Bourne Identity

Dan's original tagline had a naughty word in it.

The Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy

Listen to Eddie Murphy laugh! And laugh and laugh and laugh (and laugh)!


It's a whole new Doo-Doo. HAHAHAHAHA!

Lilo & Stitch

Hooray for the crazies!

Men In Black II

Dan never sends taglines with his reviews, so I normally use dull filler text like this.

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