Busted: A Present For Everyone
Review By: Gringo

Good morning, children!

Regular visitors to this site may have read the review Joe and I wrote about British band Busted's first album. It can be found right here.

Irregular visitors should go buy something from our store and encourage me to continue whoring the output of this site like the sexy, dirty, sexy, brainy, sexy, dork I am.

Tired of the underlining? Then go fuck yourself, you big fat dirty lesbian Nazi hooker!

I hope the band members of Busted didn't read that original review, because I'm going to step out of the closet in this article: I'm a convert. I like the band. I've been busted! Ho ho! Oh, how hilarious! I should write that one down. Wait, I did.

See, the band brought out an album originally titled Busted. Yeah, creative. I seem to recall not really liking the music a great deal, even though some of the songs were rather chipper. My problem was that it was quasi-boyband produce and that I haven't liked boybands since they started making me feel naughty thoughts about young studs with bleached blond hair.

I mean thoughts like "would this brick hurt if it hit him square in the eyes". What on Earth did you think I meant? Gay sex? What do you want from me? My butt? But it's so hairy! No-one deserves to see it!

So, Busted. A while ago (it must be getting on for six months at least) they put out a second album called A Present For Everyone. And unlike their first album, they really have put a present out under the Christmas tree for little Gringo, because while I won't put this album in any top 10 list, it's certainly worth a listen.

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