The Pipettes
Review By: Gringo

Music fans and insufferable pricks who think everything British is hip, take note! You should turn your adoring eyes and ears to a rather funky band by the name of The Pipettes.

Three female vocalists lead the rest of the band and their music is an update on the Phil Spector girlie bands of the 1960s. Their music is very poppy and upbeat with a fair amount of cynicism and modern-day twists thrown in to appeal to the chilluns. It sounds like the product of a band like The Ronettes getting it on with someone from OK Go, and I quite like it.

You can hear a good chunk of their songs courtesy of the band’s site and it gives you a good flavor of what to expect.

How much do I like this band? Enough to lay down good money, that’s how much! And in my Scrooge-like life that is a rarity. I bought their album rather than downloading it for free -- THAT'S ILLEGAL, KIDDIES! -- and when they were in town I went to see them in concert.

Not only are their songs infectiously fun, they put on a great show and the three lead vocalists sure are purty. I took a camera to the concert in the hopes of getting half-decent photos to put in this review. Instead, I ended up with this pathetic snapshot:

Note the nice bald patch dominating this photo

Sadly, I think my photojournalistic skills were rather lacking by that point in the evening. Two bottles of wine had been consumed before leaving for the concert, and once at the venue (which delightfully sold all kinds of alcohol) my friend screamed “Tequila YEAH!” before leading me further down the wicked path of intoxication. So, it’s a marvel I even remembered how to push the “take picture” button.

Getting back to the band, their songs are incredibly catchy and the lyrics are also genuinely amusing which makes a pleasant change from most of the Britney-esque pap out there. Listening to The Pipettes, you can get songs about bisexuality, girls who kick arse and many other wonderful topics. Their sound is deceivingly basic but it’s oh so much more than that. It truly evokes the fun 1960s girl bands while putting enough of a modern spin on it to make their music something unique. Good job, ladies!

In conclusion, (1) I am a sot, (2) The Pipettes are really rather spiffy, and (3) don’t forget to visit their site. Do it for old Uncle Gringo, okay?

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