July 29th, 2001
Learn all about the strange trends and annoying sidekicks that can be found in several Disney movies. Go on!

July 26th, 2001
You can now read Joe's review of Rude Dog And The Dweebs. Hooray!

July 24th, 2001
I promise that the new fake site is the best thing ever*.

*Promise void in most countries, states, dictatorships, and the moon.

July 21st, 2001
I paid good money to watch Jurassic Park III yesterday, so you're stuck with my review of it.

July 20th, 2001
Joe's Barbarella review is up. Go read it.

July 15th, 2001
You can now read a review of Judge Judy. Great.

July 12th, 2001
Joe has written his review of the Super Mario Bros. movie. I have put it up on the site. The circle of life is complete.

July 10th, 2001
Thanks to Ross, there's a review (written by him, of course) of A.I. up in the aptly titled Movies section.

July 8th, 2001
If you're desperate to read about it America's Sweethearts (all one of you) Joe's already written his ultra-early sneak-type review.

July 5th, 2001
I've had another attack of laziness. So I'm buying some time ($1.56 in most stores), and putting Ross' review of The Animal up.

July 1st, 2001
You too can learn all about Mr.T's adventures when he and his sidekicks encountered the Mystery of the Mind Thieves!

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