December 31st, 2001
Because Joe really didn't want to make any festive editions of his Spurt comic, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I've drawn a New Year's themed episode. It's not very good.

December 28th, 2001
You can now read a review of a classic Muppet Babies episode; Close Encounters Of The Frog Kind. Well, it's not really classic, but it's the only one I could be bothered to watch.

December 24th, 2001
It's the last day of our crazy Christmas fun week (minus the crazy fun). To end it, I've reviewed a real classic - A Garfield Christmas Special. We'll be back on the 28th with more sub-par entertainment.

December 23rd, 2001
You can now read Joe's review of a genuinely good film, It's A Wonderful Life. Learn what life would have been like had George Bailey never been born. Hint: it involves a lot of porn.

December 22nd, 2001
Ross has reviewed some claymation television shows that apparently find their way onto American TV every Christmas. Because I don't live in the US, I don't know whether he's lying or not. But at least his review involves butter.

December 21st, 2001
It's a special Christmas edition of Spurt today. Well, there's actually very little festive content in the comic, but at least we get to see Bob the groundhog again. Great.

December 20th, 2001
Joe has written a review of the movie A Christmas Story. Click to find out if he writes a joyful message about the festive season, or if he just uses some bad language and some amusing sound clips.

December 19th, 2001
Good old Colonel Sanders. Not content with establishing a fried chicken empire, he also briefly tried a career as a musician. I've never listened to the album Christmas With Colonel Sanders, but I've reviewed it anyway. Great.

December 18th, 2001
Because it's nearly Christmas or something, a week of festive foolishness begins on this site. It starts with Ross' review of a gaming classic, Daze Before Christmas.

December 16th, 2001
Today's Spurt is perhaps the longest one. It's a true story from Joe's college that really happened. Honestly. Also, I deleted the BigMeats button yesterday by accident. It's back now, so all three of you should hurry on over there.

December 15th, 2001
There's a couple of characters who now have voices for the Gringo flash cartoons, but we still need a few more. Also, we've now got a forum. Be sure to tell us how mediocre we are.

December 14th, 2001
Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at this site? No, you probably didn't. But that hasn't stopped Joe writing a pack of offensive lies about the 'inner workings' of Listen To Me. Success!

December 12th, 2001
In today's Spurt you can read all about the crazy fun that happened when Bob the groundhog's life flashed before his eyes. Well, okay, it's neither crazy nor fun.

December 10th, 2001
I'll give you the bad news first: Gringo is coming back. Good news now: you can get yourself some quality free merchandise (well, a mug) out of it by doing very little.

December 7th, 2001
I don't really like television detective shows. You probably couldn't care less, but they're the subject of today's review; the long-running (until it was cancelled) Murder, She Wrote.

December 5th, 2001
Joe's written yet more Spurt. In today's comic, you get to see Chicken continue his desperate quest to eat the farmer's face, again with little success. And that's about it.

December 3rd, 2001
Joe retains his title as most up-to-date reviewer on this site, as he's just written up his opinion of a new movie, Out Cold. But we don't really have titles on this site. No, honestly, we don't.

December 1st, 2001
There's a review of Earthbound up, courtesy of Ross. I'd never heard of the game before he wrote this article. Amazingly, after reading his review, I still don't care about it.

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