This fake is a tribute to a favourite site amongst my bookmarks. Run by Miguel (perhaps the greatest social commentator of our times) Fat Chicks In Party Hats is cruel, shocking, blatant and unforgiving. It's also hilarious.

But Mr. Dubyah where did you misplace the sandwich??? Perhaps it melted. Perhaps the jolly fat man hides it. IT IS A MYSTERY.

SSSSH!! I did take the meltsandwich and eat it whole!!

The joke is on you midgetfuck!! The meatpaste was my poopfart!!!! (a classic fat trick)

Hey Mr. Maverick! You DID give the Texan Embassy man a run for his money!!!!! What is that??? You have opinion! OH NO! The people are not listening!!!! Do tell to someone else?? The smirk gremlin???

Blllloooarg MELT MELT

I have had enough of this crap. Take me back!