By Joe

Hey, listen! I bought this supercheap Powerpuff Girl Activity Center thingy one time. The games in it sucked but I had to play them to unlock stuff to use in the cartoon creator section, which is really the whole reason I bought it anyway!

It sucks though because I got lied to! It's not a cartoon creator at all! It makes comics! And goddamned shitty ones at that! The most you can fit in a talk bubble is 10 characters! And most of them you can only fit like 2 or 3 or 5 or something! It's like soooo stupid!

Anyway, I make these on it and they are not very good at all. I really do like the Powerpuff Girls so I apologize to Craig McKracken and all the people involved in the creation of the show as well as Cartoon Network as a whole for soiling their wonderful property with my filth. On the bright side, nobody looks at this site!

By Gringo

So, you may think ripping off The Powerpuff Girls show is a naughty legal no-no. Well, you'd be foolish to think so. These strips were all created - and publicised - legitimately...with the copyright holder's consent! For further explanation, I will turn you over to one-time legal boy-wonder, Dr. Lawpodicus!

Children, you pay some attention good! This is a lesson in the laws of copyright and publication. It is free. UNTIL YOU PAY! Joe used a computer cartoon workshop (published with legal goodness) to make his strips, taking the girls and making them say naughty words. Let us look at the box. NOW!

See that? The box for the product - which Joe bought with legal money in a legal shop while dancing like a gypsy with no pants (legally) - invites you to create your own Powerpuff Girls comics. It reads "Capture your Powerpuff Girls adventures with your very own comic book."

Because the comics produced are done electronically, we're not changing the medium they're used in. The end product is a computer graphic which we're uploading to the Internet to share with our friends. We're making no money off them and intending no damage to the Powerpuff Girls series - it's just the work of a fan using the official comic strip computer programme.

I like typing in bold.

Now for the adventures of the cartoon maker manual! There's a line that tells you "When you are happy with your cartoon, click on the Print icon to print it". Joe's done that, and he's shown these cartoons to several people, thereby putting them in the public domain. For that reason, putting them on the Internet is no different to printing them off from your computer and showing them to people.

Once something is printed and shown to several people, it's in the public domain, regardless of whether it's in person or over the Internet. Therefore, we should be allowed to put these comics - again, made with an authorized product - on the Internet.


Mr. Lawyer, please don't sue us. You authorized a programme that lets people make up their own Powerpuff Girls comics, with no restrictions on the content of them - be it plot, language or space aliens. Your programme tells us we can print the comics, thereby putting them in the public domain.

That's all we're doing, sharing the end product of a fan's efforts with your legally approved computer cartoon maker.

Plus, my sister has AIDS and if you sue me, I won't be able to pay for the cocktail of drugs needed to keep her alive. And that means she won't be around to care for her adopted black son. You know, the one with cerebral palsy. Have a heart.


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