Even More Haikus Of Doom
Written By: Fleopatra

It's my damn birthday.
Give me some sex, you dumb bitch.
Gringo is a guy.

I love pie. Yum, yum.
Chocolate Cream Pie...yum, yum.
I will eat some pie.

Do you smoke weed? Heh.
You fucking dumbass pot head.
I will smoke some grass.

You are pathetic.
You stupid sack of dog shit.
I love cussing good.

My dick is damn big.
Daniel's is very small.
Nanometer Dick.

Gringo was on tube.
On a Weezer video.
Why won't they just die?


Comets are coming!
We are all going to die!
Repent! Re-...Too Late.

Ghandi ate Milk Duds.
Bhudda ate some goddamn rice.
False Prophets are cool.                                                                                                                             

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