Go Away!!! (but better than you are doing it now)
Written By: LoBo

I got up this morning to look at my e-mail and I noticed people's away messages.

I want one good reason why we must know about every little aspect of others' lives. I know you would all want to think that your life is that important that everyone must know about it every minute of the day from when you get up to the time you take a shit to class to when you go to bed.

When you see, for example, "class then worked what a hectic day" or "lying down to rest it's been a hard day." No one could care less about your day. Do you not realize we all have things in life to do and things that make our day hard? We do not want to hear about your shit too. You need to realize we do not care about it or want to know about every minute of your little, tiny life. There's no need for it and no one really gives a damn.

Also, I seen some bitch put up a message, "Doing homework, don't bother." Don't bother?! The fuck you are online for then!? Ho!

Also, these people who put links to web pages on their away so they can push their beliefs and cares onto others. Just keep your beliefs to yourself. Do not try and push the crazy religion of Ong-Bak onto others. And, by the way, who the hell is Ong-Bak and what does he or she want now?

There are so many fucking religions out there which are the cause of so many wars. So please do not put a new one out there to add to the confusion and hatred with links to your religious and other bullshit. We do not need to know about your religions or your superficial relationship with somebody who does not give a shit about you. Your away message with your crazy language, your Russian dribbles about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Another thing we do not need to hear is "o my God are you, like, on the Facebook, did you, like, put me on your friend list?" That's great you're on Facebook with a bunch of people that no one gives a shit about. You keep looking at your contact list to see just how popular you are. A bunch of superficial people trying to find meaning to their life by who they know and who knows them. Do you really need to define yourself by others? Another by-product of all of this garbage, saying like "o my God I have to put that on my away message" or "I have to put that on my sayings on Facebook!"

Can you all just be original for once in your life? We all have lives and all have our things to do but we don't announce it to the world. Your life is just not that important to us so get a grip there, novelist. Go with the funny away. It puts a smile on others' faces a lot more than your life does unless of course you are dying or have lost a limb. Now that is funny stuff.

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