University of Jerks! JERKS!!!
Written By: LoBo

Today's topic is universities. What are we to universities? We are not people. We are not humans. We are gorgeous cattle being herded in to make more money for the University. Oh, what fun. Have you ever seen a prison movie or know someone who has been in prison or have been in your self? When you are imprisoned you get a number. Prisoner number 23758, get back into your cell and stop hitting that guard in the head with that steel pipe. A university is the same thing as a prison. Instead you have your student ID or your social security number. You say hey I have a name. They say you have a name who cares we do not give a shit about your name it means nothing to us. As long as you are alive and have money we will help you no need for a name.

People ask you what is wrong with the world. Hmmm. maybe because we are just a bunch of numbers and cattle to all these companies and corporations and government! Bullshit not humans of the but money signs of the!!! Why do farmers have cattle to bear them hamburgers and milk so they will get money? Why do universities have students so they will get money? We all know what the University will say. We want to educate so you have a good job in the future.

I have an idea for the University. How about you educate me for free and when I start making money I will pay you back an investment. What you cannot do that does it not say in one of your flyers that college is an investment in the future what about you invest in me for the future? I do not see what is wrong with this idea you invest in me and then when my great education kicks in you'll get your return on your investment. One day try saying this to one of them administrative people to see what they will say. It could be fun to listen to what they will say. We all know what the University is about: business corporate bullshit, a business that does not care about the person being human, but their overhead and their income. Yes, it is true that part of the money goes to education but you also pay these motherfuckers administrative people and you also pay for trees that cost $4000 but yet I seen the same tree at Home Depot for $20 and don't forget about a $10,000 rock that is not much different than the rock and parking down the street that is free.

You also pay the salary of some jack off that says they are trying to help you but yet never really do and don't forget the painting on his wall that cost a few thousand dollars this to make you feel more welcome the more at home while the University robs you of your money. Then next week you come back for more help from this jack who did not really help you in the first place and you go to find out that they are on vacation for two weeks and no one else can help you but him but he's not here. Fuck this school that rapes you of your money, life and your sanity.

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