Christmas Sucks 2
What I don't want for Christmas: Idiots.
Written By: Sopa

Well, let's get things straight, I'm not done with the whining. My current problem with Christmas is that everytime I start seeing all the ornamention, people in costumes and all that bullshit asociated with the birth of Jesus, I can't stop thinking how another shitty year is ending and that an even more crappy year is anxious to start pissing me off. No, I dont hate years, I hate people.

Many smartasses just can't stop puking out random facts about this season like: "Did you know Santa's original colours were yellow and green?" or "Did you know Christmas was invented by Coca-Cola?" Well, no, I did not know that, but did you know I don't give a fuck about what you say? Come on, I can picture those jerks waiting twelve fucking months just to repeat that shit over and over, and it's not that they hate Christmas, they will open their new pair of socks joyfully, but they just feel that reminding you the whole randomness of christmas is a very good idea, and that everytime the calendar hits December 26 my memory is wiped and I need to be reminded again next year about how some Swedish guy called Nicholas lived with a bunch of elves.

Christmas spawns all kinds of idiots, but probably the most annoying ones are those loud anti-consumerism retards. They have the physical need to rant about shopping every time they open their mouths. They go on about how Christmas is only an excuse to buy and sell stuff made by Vietnamese children. Well, let me fucking congratulate you, you read No Logo. Actually, it's a wonder you people know how to open a book, let alone reading it. The truth about these fellows is that they are probably bitter because their pussy liberal parents were too damn cheap to get them that change of sex they asked Santa for twenty years ago. Where are these people the rest of the year anyway? Perhaps in some Starbucks, luckily we don't have any here.

Christians! Well I'm not sure if these kind of Christmas creatures are popular all over the world, but they think that the best way to celebrate the holydays is not having a christmas tree, yeah that is what differentiates them. Every time they see a tree with some red balls hanging from it they will bore you to death with an absurd explanation of why it is absurd to have a christmas tree: big fucking surprise, we already know that christmas is a bunch of made up bullshit created with very different purposes depending on the idiot you are talking to. Yes, I know trees have nothing to do with anything but Im not sure how not having one in your house makes you better than everyone else. I suspect that too is a problem of cheap parents: "Presents? Let's celebrate with a prayer instead". Man I'm all for not celebrating at all.

On a minor note, I also hate webamasters that like to add the red and green colours to every damn image in their sites. Get a fucking tree you dorks.

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