LoBo Rants About Wrestling or TV or College or I Don't Even Know What
Written By: LoBo

Well I have not put anything on this crappy site in some time ...I've been busy with hmm Life. I know everyone wants to hear from me I do not blame you I would to. I have given you in my short time of doing stuff for that Joe guy, which was my choice because I think his site is really cool (do not tell Joe I said that) and a way for me to tell people how I feel. O one more thing about Joe he has a cell phone now I call him on it with my cell phone (hypocrite). I have giving you such great stuff as GO AWAY and University of jerks I know greatness. I have been free lately and reading some cool stuff on listen to me about x-mas. I agree it's bullshit but hey I get shit and its fun to see all the lights and shit like that and some fat guy dancing that's not my uncle but a guy in a red suit and with a white beard. First I am back to say Hi and to tell you some more shit about people.

As for University they're still money grubbing corporate fucks who take your money and give you shit when all you want is a damn education so you can get money to buy shit you do not need so you can be cool and look cool Like Joe. Money the root of all evil I like to be evil some times, but not all the time. Away massages are still fucking annoying. I will give you an example someone is sending a massages to someone about feeling batter, but only that person gets it so why do we all have to know about it keep to yourself. Pick up that cell phone that is glued to your damn ear and call them to tell them or better yet do not tell them let them kill themselves. The world would be better off any way. There is way to many people in this world anyway so stop saving people free up some space.

Ok well one thing I want to rant about is people who say stop watching wrestling its fake its stupid...yea and what. You all watching soap operas and sitcoms and movie with all fake people they are not real ok. Like there is some guy named Ramon who everyone loves or some Yellow people from some place called spring field no they are not real JR. See wrestling is good because people do not sit there and sort out the problems and talk about it no they get pissed off and they hit some dumb mother fucker with a chair and say fuck with me again and I will hit you hard or with something heavier then that. I know its not real and I do not give a shit its fun to watch just like its fun to watch a guy in some movie (that's Not real) take a gun and shoot up a whole town but never die or go to jail...hmm why does he not go to jail hmm because its not real. Try that in the real world and see what happens the coppers will kill your candy ass or put you in jail then kill your candy ass anyway. Another thing they have really cool characters that say cool shit like I am the game and you cannot see me that is ingenious.

Well as for TV in general I hate it because its fills your head with shit and stuff that you really do not need. Mindless crap that's all that is on the TV shows that people look at so they will not feel their life sucks all that much that there is someone out there who is dealing with more shit then them. Its fake they are not dealing with anything but millions of dollars they get from you because you put them on. Yes wrestling fits there to they are getting millions of dollar from stupid people who turns them on that is why in the last month I have not watch it that much, but I did want to defend them all them same because even though I do not want to buy into the bullshit anymore I did at one time and want to support them, why I do not know any more. Well as for TV...its evil they are putting crap into your head stop them from polluting your mind. Read a book, take a walk, write something, be creative entertain yourself do not have someone do it for you.

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