Gringo's Twelfth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2013 Feb 23

Rejoice! Gringo is back for his yearly Oscar prediction article! Betta read. How else you gonna know who wins Best Makeup? I mean aside from looking at the nominees and figuring it out in five seconds on your own. Whatever, it's funny, go read it, jerk.

Gringo's Eleventh Oscar Prediction Funfest
2012 Feb 26

The Oscars ceremony is tomorrow. Woohoo, or something like that. Over the years I've become quite cynical about it. But I still feel obliged to write an annual prediction piece. This year it's for the Best Song award. Oh, and I really didn't try with this article. Whoops!

The Worst New York Comic Con 2011 Coverage Possible - Day Two
2012 Jan 25

Eh? Painfully extensive coverage of my second day at New York Comic Con 2011 is up NOW long after it'd be even remotely relevant, but the whole article is based around irrelevance, so it totally works and I totally planned it out this way. Go read it for some reason. It'll kill an afternoon easy.

The Worst New York Comic Con 2011 Coverage Possible - Day One
2011 Oct 18

I don't like comics so obviously I attended New York Comic Con 2011. Failing to recapture the funtimes of my coverage of E3 2006, I'm doing a 4-part article about it. Here's the first part, covering the day I went to Barnes & Nobles instead of actually going to the con. Thanks to Kris Wilson from the much-more-famous-than-us Explosm.net for the little willy guy drawing.

Paint It, Rebecca - The Collapse of Culture and the Pursuit of Tainted Fame
2011 Apr 22

It's Friday. So I've written a thesis about how Rebecca Black is a perfect example of how all culture is being drained from our society. You think I'm messin' around? It's the longest thing ever. Serious this time. It's got footnotes.

Gringo's Tenth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2011 Feb 27

Hooray, a new article! Stop those cheers of joy, because it's another Oscar prediction piece. I left this one incredibly late, so the rush job might partially explain the poor quality and terrible humor value of the article. But then again, what else do you expect from this site?

Writing Day
2011 Jan 12

I got another story up on the Internet. It's really corny. Maybe you'll have a literary chuckle or two, I dunno. It's a PDF. Mine's the first one. Enjoy!

The Unfortunate Death of the Man of the Leftmost Mountain
2010 Dec 04

I wrote a story that got published on this wee online journal. The story's called "The Unfortunate Death of the Man of the Leftmost Mountain." It's pretty short so you might as well read it.

Scooby-Doo! Fruit Flavored Snacks
2010 May 22

Phew, I managed to get this article up in late May which means I hit the quota of one update per month. Try to enjoy this odd little piece all about fruit snacks based on Scooby-Doo. Yeah.

Gringo's Ninth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2010 Feb 24

An update? To this site? Impossible, you say! Well, take off your nay-saying hat and put on your, uh, un-nay-saying goggles and go read our first article of 2010. It's my Oscar prediction funfest. Woo...hoo?

Javier: Reneg'day Angle
2009 Apr 21

Not so long ago the creators of the Adult Swim series Xavier: Renegade Angel had a contest in which one could submit their own animation to be included as part of the series. I half-assed an entry, which is sort of my thing. Apparently, this fact was totally lost on them 'cuz I ain't win nuttin'. Anyway, you can watch it now. If you want.

Gringo's Eighth Oscar Prediction Funfest
2009 Feb 22

Hi kids! Uncle Gringo here with your annual Oscar prediction piece. I'm fully aware that the Academy Awards show is only a few hours away, hence the sloppy rush job I did with the article. Love you!

The Top 5 Most Overrated Internet Phenomenons...Ever!
2009 Feb 05

You know what's easy? Gazing up at the successful and criticizing them from the comfort of the cesspool. Ah, so warm in here. So here's my list of the Top 5 Most Overrated Internet Phenomenons...Ever! It's long, of course. I don't update often, but when I do I give you lots of words, which you can trade in for pictures at any fine Kodak film shoppe.

Joe's Best and Worst of 2008
2009 Jan 03

I wrote a definitive list of the Best and Worst junk what came outta 2008. I thought this was gonna be shorter than usual because I only did ten total, rather than twenty, but, unfortunately, I wrote it, so that kinda crushed any hope of brevity.

Southern Xmas Shall Rise Again
2008 Dec 29

Here's something a bit late that's Christmas-oriented by Phenom. I don't really know what he's talking about at parts because it's Phenom, but it features a wrestler and the South and I found some of it amusing enough and that's the point here. That I am amused. Enough.

2008 Dec 25

If no one looks at this site usually, they definitely aren't today. Yes, I'm assuming only people who observe Christmas come to this site. I'm close-minded that way. Anyway, Jeff drew a Christmas thing that he claims was pretty half-assed, but I thought it was funny so he's still okay with me.

How to Use Satirical Guides in a Literal Sense
2008 Dec 16

We're very proud of Lauren for recently inspiring three young ladies to attempt to rob a Dollar Tree with a guide he wrote about how to commit armed robbery. In response to this momentous event, he's written a new guide containing more words his convict fans are sure to not understand.

Why Is This Happening? - Fireproof in the Top 5 at the Box Office
2008 Oct 02

I don't understand these U.S. Americas, but I do my best to try. So here's a thing I wrote called "Why Is This Happening?" that is supposed to shed some light on things. In this case we are trying to figure out why a Christian movie, Fireproof, is in the top five at the box office. Come along with me on an adventure in edutainment!

Murder, She Wrote: A Vote for Murder
2008 Sep 10

Joining the list of obscure reviews that you probably don't want to read is my take on the series of novels based on the television show Murder, She Wrote. You read the previous sentence correctly.

Treasure Island
2008 Jun 21

To help you recover from our Indiana Jones theme week, here's a short Lazy LTM review. That's right, terrible writing in 500 words or less! Today, learn about the book Treasure Island.

Clowning Around With VeeKay - #7
2008 Apr 22

Good news! VeeKay is back with another article. Click away to find out why the upcoming date of May 1st is so important to clowns, and how it relates to a campaign for a national holiday. Seriously.

Michelangelo's David - The Definitive Review
2008 Apr 05

Hello, my name is Joe. I will be serving your internet today. I reviewed Michelangelo's David. Yes, that's right. The sculpture thing. I can review whatever I want. See you later.

Now That's News! - Goats!
2008 Feb 20

I decided to make another feature I'll only ever do once called Now That's News! in which I grab an important story off of a news webpage to discuss it. Like this one from MSN about goats. Smooshed goat head says go read it! Then he mocks your manhood.

Paul Gilligan
2008 Feb 11

Ignore the lack of updates last week and instead focus on a new interview for your reading pleasure as I ask questions of Paul Gilligan, the creator of the spiffy comic Pooch Cafe.

Mardi Gras in the Moment
2008 Feb 05

With Mardi Gras taking place tomorrow, enjoy this timely short review of the book Mardi Gras in the Moment. Then go get drunk and flash your titties at someone. Please?

Gringo's Seventh Oscar Prediction Funfest
2008 Jan 24

Hooray for the Academy Awards! It gives me the excuse to pretend I'm writing an Oscars prediction piece while really just bitching a lot about the current state of Hollywood. On with the show!

Marley & Me
2008 Jan 13

On this lazy Sunday, enjoy a Lazy LTM review. Oho-ho! This might be the first -- and last? -- book review on the site, my brief take on Marley & Me.

Clowning Around With VeeKay - #6
2008 Jan 08

What better way is there to start your week than by getting another article by everyone's favorite Zoot Suit clown VeeKay? Go on, wise guy, tell me what better way! Can't speak, huh? Thought so. Now shut your trap.

LTM All Stars 2007 Extravaganza!
2008 Jan 03

Rather than offering my own best and worst of 2007, I turned to some of our former interviewees to get their input. The results? Why, the LTM All Stars 2007 Extravaganza! of course. Go read!

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