Review By: Lauren

Hello once again true and faithful LTMers. I have not written anything in a while because I was busy baking Joe donuts. He eats so many!!

It's a full time job! Oh that crazy Joe. Anywho! I was browsing the intraweb (m-bating) and happened a crossed an imposter site. That's right! A doppelganger of ListenToMe. is the site in question. Who the hell do they think they are? The Pope! is a confusing site. They sell something called an Augmentative Communications Device. Sounds fun, but the site never explains what it is. It looks like...well..this

I like how it has a bunch of emergency buttons on it, but the first and most important button is the McDonalds one. has their priorities in order. There are only three sections to the site. Specifications, Gallery and Contact Us. But not a WFT IS THIS SHIT section; which they need.

In conclusion: Fuck, they will never be as cool as The Real Listen To Me that is made with 100% real burger! is only made with 80% real burger. That's 20 percent less. Email them here at and tell them they are sellouts made of less real burger than the real LTM.

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