The Harlem Globetrotters and David Duke Have a Picnic
By: Joe and Keran

RIGHT-CLICK HERE AND HIT "SAVE TARGET AS" SO YOU CAN CHERISH THE MP3 FOREVER...or just click it normally and open it in your browser or whatever, see if I care.

Not that you care, but it's like this.

I'm currently taking a screenwriting class wherein I gots to write me a screenplay. As this might be something I pretend like I have some kind of a future in, I've purchased the OFFICIAL SCREENWRITING SOFTWARE FOR SERIOUS WINNERS, Final Draft.

Final Draft is a nice program that makes writing in the screenplay format a brizzeeze!!! It has some other nice little functions too. The one most important to you, stinky, is that of the ability to assign computer voices to various roles of your screenplay in order to get an idea of how it might sound if a bunch of computers with text reading software and Stephen Hawking were to be cast in the roles of your movie. I'm sure this is actually helpful to someone somewhere. To me, it's just funny.

The MP3 I am offering you here is the computer voice reading of my critically-acclaimed one-and-a-third page long script for the upcoming feature film extravaganza, The Harlem Globetrotters and David Duke Have a Picnic (Rated NC-17).

Although I wrote it, the title, characters, setting, and concept were originally conceived by my friend, Keran, who is a goddamned revolutionary pioneer of creativity and junk like that.

You might not be able to make out the whole thing, because the computer voices (especially the fast-talkin' narrator) aren't always the most elegant in their enunciation of things, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it does, however, concern you terribly that you cannot understand a line or two and you want to end those sleepless nights once and for all, feel free to join our BORING, STUPID, AND BARELY FUNCTIONING FORUM and I will pretend to be more than happy to translate.

That would be all, then.
Enjoy the FUCK out of it.

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