!! Joe's One Panel Comics Explode at My Shithole Job (Part I)
Review By: Johnny Writes

SPECIAL NOTE FROM YOUR PAL, JOE: Mr. Johnny Writes has this lovely blog-thing he does right here. He wrote these little pieces about planting my comics about his office in Toronto, CANADA!!! With his permission, I reposted them here on Listen to Me not only because they add further metaphorical helium to my already bloated ego, but because I thought they were written funnily and, to my genuine amazement, the comics actually DID result in a ruckus of sorts. This is in three parts. Here da first. ENJOY!!!!

Today I did good. Today I set in motion the inevitable birth of a soon to be wide spread literary and artistic movement (and very possibly a second tier religion). Today, armed with a fistful of Joe's One Panel Comics, I went to work with the intention of secretly distributing the comics in several locations throughout the office. My aim was to have co-workers discover the comics throughout the course of the day without knowing who drew them or who placed them within the office. It was comic book publishing done guerilla style.

Anyway, for those of you who dont know, Joe does these amazing comics on In these comics, Joe takes a thought provoking look at mankind faced with all the challenges of living in a modern day society. For example, One Panel Comic #5:

(Five copies are currently located in the public printer by my desk - the plan here is while people are using the printer throughout the day, five lucky employees will unsuspectingly be printing their work on the back of Joe's comic - hahahaha.)

Joe not only delves into man's psyche when it comes to interpersonal relations, but he also tackles socio-economic issues like affordable housing in One Panel Comic # 7:

(Presently located under the coffee mug of this 1000 year old great Chinese lady who barely speaks any english.)

I didn't get a chance to hide these comics in the office until the end of the day, after 90% of the office left. So tomorrow should be pretty fun watching and waiting for the comics to be discovered and the ensuing reactions. I can't wait.

In closing, If L. Ron Hubbard can start a religion with his crappy science fiction, there is no telling what effect Joe's comics will have on society - some sorta spiritual/aesthetic renaissaince at the very least.


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