!! Joe's One Panel Comics Explode at My Shithole Job (Part II)
Review By: Johnny Writes

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I was listening to the Swedish communist punk rock stylings of the International Noise Conspiracy when the commotion started. I took off my head phones and peeked over my cubicle. The 1000-year old Chinese lady from my work was waving Joe's One Panel Comic in her hand yelling "You're crazy!" to a 500-year old Phillipino woman who I think wants to sleep with me. The ancient Chinese lady we'll call May Tse Tung and the Philipino woman we'll call IWishSheWasBetterLooking.

The comic in question.

May Tse Tung and IWishSheWasBetterLooking were arguing over who the comic belonged to. Both women were accusing each other. It was pretty funny. Both of them don't speak english very well and are fiery in temperament which made the whole scene even more retarded.

-"You're crazy."
-"I'm crazy?! It's your paper (comic)!"
-"Ayyaaa!! It's not my paper!!"
-"It was on your desk!"
-"You put it there!!"
-"I didn't put it there. You're crazy!"
-"Ayyaaa!! I'm crazy?! You're crazy!!"

It was absolute insanity.

Anyway, their manager broke up the argument before the geriatric cat fight of the century came to pass. The manager is a bit of a dick so he grabbed Joe's comic, took a quick look at it and put it in the shredder before anyone else had a chance to read it.

"This is a place of business, people," he said as he shook his head in disapproval, "not a kindergarten class".

People asked May Tse Tung what was on the paper, but apart from saying it was a drawing, it was useless. She had no idea what she was looking at. You would have had better luck asking her to explain quantum physics.

This comic was found a few hours later. Everyone got a good look at it.


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