! Joe's One Panel Comics Explode at My Shithole Job (Part III)
Review By: Johnny Writes

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I placed the second One Panel Comic in the public printer/copier by my desk. Again, my intention was to have some unsuspecting soul unknowingly print their work on the back of Joe's comic.

The comic in question.

It was just before twelve and I was returning to my cubicle from a meeting regarding a high profile project that's beyond my ability and that I'm certainly going to fuck up. I was just settling in behind my desk when I noticed IWishIWasHerInfantSon approaching the printer. IWishIWasHerInfantSon is a very nice, fairly attractive woman around 40 years old with insanely wonderful breasts. I don't want to get in to too much detail about IWIWHIS's breasts here, but needless to say they certainly deserve their own blog entry dedicated entirely to their splendor.

Anyway our conversations always begin the same:

- "Johnnnaaaaae!!!"
- "Hey IWIWHIS. Did you see American Idol?"
- "Yeeesssss!! What happened to our little mouse (Kevin Covais)?"
- "I dunno. I thought he did a pretty good job."

Then it happened. IWishIWasHerInfantSon pressed "print" on the copier and I saw the beginnings of Joe's One Panel Comic emerge from the mouth of the machine. IWishIWasHerInfantSon saw it too. She grabbed the paper from the printer and studied Joe's comic. Her puzzled look quickly gave way to a shocked expression and she clutched the comic to her chest so no one else could see.

- "Everything okay, IWIWHIS?" I asked.

She started to smile and took another look at the comic.

- "Oh my goodneeeessss," she laughed.
- "What?" I asked again. She gave me the comic. I read it. "What is this?" I asked with a smile on my face.
- "I don't know. Its on the letter I printed."
- "Do you know who printed it?"
- "No! Who do you think it could be??"
- "I dunno, but it's pretty funny with the little stick figures and all".
- "Johnny, you're so bad!! I'm gonna take it to #1CougarInTheOffice to see what she thinks."

From there, the comic secretly passed from one person's hands to the next until it fell in the hands of the receptionist - InsaneBroad. Within ten minutes of the comic being in InsaneBroad's hands she had called all her friends up to have a look. Most of the older people in the office were uncertain how to react so they said nothing, but the hens that had gathered by reception were loving it.

- "Look at the expression on this one's face, he's so cute."
- "Is this really what our boyfriends and husbands talk about...owwww that's so gross".

Anyway, to wrap it up, I went to lunch, came back and the printer was gone. I asked what happened to the printer? The guy who sits next to me answered "they took it". Ahh, yes. Thanks for that clarification Sherlock. For a second there, I thought they painted it invisible. I thought it best not to ask too many more questions and continued with my routine of pretending to work.

IwishIWasHerInfantSon came by later that afternoon again.

- "Johnnnnaaaae, how 'bout those stick men earlier on, eh. They were funny, no?"

They were fucking hilarious.

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