The Wild Boy Growls Again!
Written By: VeeKay The Clown

2007 proved to be very special year, for my family, Chuy, and our sideshow friends. It all began a few years ago when Gringo asked for an interview with Chuy the Wolf Boy. After the interview was published on, a British filmmaker read the interview and that lead to a very successful documentary called "It's Not Easy Being A Wolf Boy."

Soon after that, others began to see the documentary, which lead to TV appearances and a movie by The Asylum films titled, "Freakshow" which was released in 2007. In this movie I get a wish of a lifetime, I get to play a Wolf Man! That's right, they covered me with hair until I looked like Chuy's uncle Manuel. Larry got to play the Wolf Boy. It is a horror flick, not for kids or the squeamish. But we had fun.

A famous photographer, Wayne Schoenfeld, heard of me and invited me to take part in a photo shoot for Cirque Du Soleil to be called "Circus of the Past."

I went to the audition ready for anything. First I auditioned as the Outside Talker (Barker), giving my spiels as I would at a sideshow bally. Then, I was asked if I could show them a bit of the wild man. I was ready! There were several ladies waiting to audition, as well as other of Wayne's assistant.

I warned everyone, especially the ladies, that this was not going to be pretty, and begun to disrobe. Many turned away embarrassed, but then turned back when they heard laughter from those who were shamelessly watching me. I was undressed all the way down to my clown knickers, cute clown underwear with pretty ruffles and lace.

Now came my moment, before the cameras began to roll, I became the wild man. I began to growl, face distorted, and claw like hands ready to attack. I must have done a good job. Several people ran off in fear, including the camera lady. She recovered quickly and went on to film me. They were impressed, and I got the job.

Wini McKay, my friend and owner of the L.A. Circus provided the circus background and props, and her assistant Kiyomi was the wardrobe person. My wife was hired as Kiyomi's assistant. Cool! My wife and I would get to work together. My wife made me a genuine wild man costume, and I was ready to go.

The day of the shoot arrived. The first day I was the outside talker and as such I introduced all the special performers for the "L.A. Circus Congress of Freaks & Exotics." I must add at this time, that this project was commissioned by Cirque Du Soleil for a book which proceeds from the sales would benefit "Clowns Without Borders" and "Rotaplast" which are organizations that send circus artists, especially clowns, around the world with medical teams to help children with facial disfigurements.

Now, back to the wild man. It was time for my big moment! I put on my wild man's rags, rolled in the dirt, threw water on myself, and rolled some more to get as dirty as possible. It was dirty enough for Mr. Schoenfeld, so I brought some charcoal, soot and ash, and rolled again throwing ash all over me. Now I was dirty enough. And suddenly I was the wild boy again. I felt right into character, memories begun to come back. People gave weird looks; some gave me lots of space, as I walked around growling, bearing my teeth, and snapping at anyone that got too close. I loved it!<

I was shown to my cage. I decorated it with huge raw bones, chicken carcasses, a bowl of water and lots of hay. I was back in my elements.

As the director yelled "Action!" I would begin to growl, howl, and shake my cage as if I was trying to get out. The director loved it because it caused people to react as they heard my noises. Some said I creeping them out, and it showed on their faces. Just what Mr. Schoenfeld wanted.

No came my BIG surprise. Remember that my wife is on the set. She's doing wardrobe. So it was a surprise to me when they called "cut" open my cage door and lovely lady crawled in. No, having her crawl in with me was not the surprise. The surprise was that SHE WAS NAKED! Immediately, I made sure that I only look at her eyes. Then, I looked around for my wife. She was there holding the lady's robe. OK. So she knew about it. I was safe.

The naked woman played the rolled of the leopard girl, a wild person. So, for the shoot we were asked to wrestle each other. When action was called, we went at each other. Between my growls and hers, it really got the crowd going. Sadly, it only last one day of her and I wrestling; we wrestled in the cage, on the bally, and on the grown. We had a bit of fun, and she was a good sport about. Later on I was made to wrestle a bear, but it was not as much fun. But I was back in the sideshow working alongside human blockheads, several fire eaters, snake girls, a sword swallower, a giant, Mighty Mike the Mighty Dwarf, A Zulu warrior, conjoined twins, and several other sideshow favorites.

When this project was over, Mr. Schoenfeld invited me to participate in another project as the Outside Talker. And on the premier of the Book, as the barker, I had the opportunity of introducing Mr. Schoenfeld.

It was a treat being wild once again, and I hope I can do again, as people are calling to ask more about the "Wild Man."

This brings me to Chuy. I would love to get a picture with Chuy with me as the Wild Man. Chuy says whenever we are ready. Chuy had a big opportunity to perform at Coney Island this year. He did a high wire act, as well as appears in the sideshow. The he was hired to travel with the Grim Brothers sideshow, and in between we worked together on Circus Vargas.

Truthfully, when Gringo, first contacted me for my first interview to, I never dreamt that so many cools things would come out of it for Chuy and Me.

One never knows, do one. (To quote Fats Waller)

I hope that his trend continues. I love the circus and the sideshow, and did not believe that I would ever get back to it, meaning the sideshow and playing a wild boy, but because of an interview, where I kept it clean, thanks to an Englishman named Gringo, and a gringo named Joe, (I think he's a gringo, because Joe is an all American name.) I am back in the sawdust and the bally.

So, get ready world because Wild Boy growls again.



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