A Super Happy Cold War Christmas Story
Written By: Jeff

One Christmas Eve as the morning withdrew
On a hill stood two children with nothing to do
The boy wore a red cap to keep his head under
With him was a girl filled with holiday wonder.

"Tomorrow's Christmas", said the girl, "yet it feels far away. Can't we do something to speed up this day?”
"Let's go sledding", said the boy, "or have a snowball fight. There's plenty all around and it packs together tight.”
"I don't want to fight", she replied, "but we can use the snow still. Let's build a Snowman right here on this hill.”

The boy nodded at her as he balled up some snow
And rolled it along while watching it grow
"This has gotten very heavy”, he said, "It must weight a ton!”
Then he moved it to the top and pronounced the base done

The middle came next with its size a bit smaller
When placed atop the base, the Snowman grew taller
"It's coming together nicely”, the boy proudly said
"Now find him some arms and I'll form the head”

The girl then ran to a tree near an old farm
And broke off two branches, one for each arm
"These will do nicely,” she said, a smile on her face
And headed back up the hill at a nice steady pace

With its new arms and head, the Snowman was nearly completed
But the kids quickly realized something else would be needed
They emptied their pockets for objects to mend
The featureless look of their new frozen friend

On it's neck, the girl's scarf tied on with care
And on it's head the boy's cap as it didn't have hair
A rubber ball for the left eye and a rock for the right
With a button for a nose he was now quite a sight

"Finished”, said the boy, "I must say it's grand”
"Why, I'd even say it's the best in the land!”
"Yeah”, the girl said as she felt a slight chill
Then sat next to the Snowman on top of the hill

"I'm tired", she added, "I think I'll rest for a bit”
"Me too”, the boy said as he found a place to sit
The children decided they would take a quick nap
And the first to awaken would give the other a tap.

Their eyes soon closed and thoughts drifted away
As they came to the end of their final day
For up on the hill where the Snowman has lied
Is also the place where these children have died

Their deaths weren't caused by nature nor was it foul play
But something much worse had made things this way
So what made it happen, what did they die for?
Why for just being children during a Nuclear War.

The Communist blast had hit them with so much radiation
Their health was soon worsened from this situation
As they grew closer to the bells final chime
Their minds created visions from a happier time

The fallout and soot was seen as just snow
A cloudy winters day hid the skies ugly glow
The tree and farm was a corpse by a mill
With a Snowman of junk atop a rubble hill

So was what happened on that hill merely a delusion?
Or perhaps they were given a merciful illusion
But they have found peace now so there's no need to grieve
For these poor children on this Christmas Eve

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