LTM All Stars 2007 Extravaganza!
Compiled By: Gringo

Another year down, another year of crushed ambitions, I'll try and be more optimistic. That's my 2008 resolution! All right, it isn't. I don't actually make resolutions, that's the job of the pixels...hahaha. Apologies. It's only a few days in to the new year and already I've started off a new article for this site with a joke that reeks. Whoops.

To pay for my sins, I offer this update -- the LTM All Stars 2007 Extravaganza! Emphasis on the exclamation mark.

Now, the faithful reader (I dare not be optimistic and pluralize that) will know that usually around the end of the year this site's writers including Joe and I will write our best and worst of the last 365 days. For example, Joe's 2006 effort starts here and my 2004 attempt is here. This year I'm doing something different.

What you'll find below are responses from some of our best LTM interviewees giving their best and worst personal moments of 2007, as well as their hopes for 2008. In my usual half-assed manner I left this idea till the very last minute, though I did try e-mailing every single one of our former interview subjects. A few responded, thus rocketing them into the brand new category of LTM All Stars. Enjoy!


Mr. Piddock is a great comic actor -- I first saw him stealing the show alongside Fred Willard in Best In Show -- and he very graciously let us interview him quite some time ago. Here's his look back at last year!

2007 Best Moment: Performing onstage to sold out audiences, with a dream cast of some of the best (and my favourite) British comedic talent alive today -- Billy Connolly, Tim Curry. Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Emily Mortimer and Tracey Ullman. It doesn't get much better than that.

2007 Worst Moment: Not locking the door properly on a train and getting exposed to fellow passengers while having a dump. The only consolation was that, since I was standing up and the whole basket of fruit was exposed because I was mid-wipe, it was probably more traumatic for them than me.

Big Hope for 2008: That someone finds a magic wand that can with one sweep make hunger, religious extremism, wars, George Bush, and Paris Hilton all disappear from our world for ever.


Ever since our tremendous interview with VeeKay the clown a few years ago, everyone's favorite Zoot Suit wearer has fast become part of the LTM family (as dysfunctional as that family may be). Go search the Stuff section of this site to read his many articles about life as a clown. But before that, take a read of what he thought of 2007.

2007 has been an interesting year. Lots of fun stuff came my way such as participating in “Cirque Du Soleil - Circus of the Past” AKA “Icons/Iconoclasts.”

As sideshow becoming popular again I have been getting calls to perform or be an adviser.

The following is my list of the worst and Best of 2007.


1. Freakshow the Movie: “Freakshow” was release on DVD in January 2007, and all my lines were cut. All my talent and hard work ended up on the cutting room floor.

2. No TV, or movie roles: Not my year for film or TV parts. 2008 will be better, right?

3. An old man! There I was, staying at a hotel in Bakersfield, California, sitting in a Jacuzzi, when two kids ran up, looked at me and yelled back to their parents, “There's an old man in here!” Ouch! Their mothers try to soften the blow by saying, “He's not that old,” Yeah, thanks, lady.

4. Not winning Hanna Montana tickets. I really tried; I was participating in a radio contest to win Hannah Montana's tickets. All I had to do was juggle for five minutes without dropping a ball. Thirty seconds before it was over, I dropped one of my balls. The horror! And the shame, my grandkids were so disappointed in me.

5. Chuy and I missed an opportunity to meet up with Gringo.

6. The Simpson's' Movie: The beginning of the movie said it all. I should have stayed home and watch it free on TV.

7. My best friend and magic mentor, Jerry, passed away.

8. I had to give away my ten feet long red tail boa; it is big enough to eat my dogs, so my wife made give it away.

9. A friend and fellow performer with Circus Vazquez fell and die while performing an aerial ballet.

10. The CPAP. My doctor thinks I have “sleep apnea” and I need more uninterrupted sleep. So, he put me on a CPAP. Now I get less sleep as it wakes me up every two hours, by slipping off my nose, or spraying water on my face. The cure is worst then the disease.


1. “Freakshow” the Movie: I play the Wolf Man, one of the main characters; in the role I was born to play.

2. I was invited to perform on “L.A. Circus Congress Of Freaks and Exotics”: I was back in my element.

3. Being the Wild Man for Cirque Du Soleil - Circus of the Past.

4. As a wild man I wrestled a beautiful naked woman. She won.

5. Icons/Iconoclasts: A Book by Wayne Schoenfeld, where I am the Outside Talker, Clown, and Wild Man.

6. Lots of opportunities came my way to be an outside talker (sideshow barker), and Ringmaster.

7. Dora the Explorer and Diego: Yes! I, as VeeKay the Clown, got to perform with Dora and Diego. Could life be any better!

8. Where's Molly: Thanks to a DVD about a brother searching for a sister, Molly, who was put in an institution when she was three, I was able to reconnect with my siblings. I was also put in an institution when I was three years old.

9. For the first time in my life I rode a horse in a cattle round up as rodeo clown.

10. Finally fixing my roof. After ten years of trying, I finally was able to put a new roof on my house.

There you have it. For 2008 I hope to get some TV deals, or even a movie. Hopefully, I'll get more calls to perform in a sideshow, as a freak or as the outside talker (barker.)

A Very Happy 2008 to one and all.



Starting this site in 2001, I never expected to meet singing sensation Margarita Pracatan. But just months after interviewing her that's exactly what I did, along with Joe, this summer. Honestly, that dinner stands out as among the top 10 nights out of the year for me, even if I did have to pay for steak. Good times!

First of all that I began going to church on 51st street called Times Square Church which is so beautiful and is in a theatre. I've also made many friends, especially though projects I've been doing for film students at New York University Film School. They have also been helping me with my Manhattan Cable Access Show and have even put me on YouTube, that was a big surprise. That's all. Those were the most exciting. And of course my nightlife is always fantastic. I love the spectacular place called The Box, I think that is the name. Many nightclubs, many friends and rehearsing for hopefully a tour in the U.K.

I can't think of anything that was the worst for 2007. Everything has really been fantastic and I'm so grateful for my family and friends and traveling to beautiful places.

For 2008 I hope to be going on tour and have many new programs for Manhattan Cable. I also hope to stay healthy, which is the most important, and maybe to lose 5 pounds but I don't care I think I look beautiful. SO I just want to keep singing and happy and healthy.

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