Javier: Reneg'day Angle
By: Joe

I've mentioned elsewhere on this very website (yes, really!) that Xavier: Renegade Angel is my favorite show currently on TV. Well, the creators had a contest not too long ago where one could submit a 90-second video based on Xavier and it would be spliced into part of a real-life, on the telly (or Adult Swim anyway, which is still pretty close) episode. I was sort of counting on only two people to actually answer their call and I was expecting them to do a bad job. As it turned out, a bunch of people actually tried, which is frankly just unfair.

So, yeah, since I can't animate or draw and I did most of it in like five hours and stuff, this is what I ended up with. Also, this is the director's cut and is how it was supposed to be before I realized it was going to be well over 90 seconds. As a result, I also made this even worse edited version of it, which is the version I submitted to the contest. I know! How could I lose?! I put it below this paragraph so you can watch it if you've got 90 seconds to kill. But, honestly, it'd make me happier if you used that time to do something productive.

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