Scooby-Doo! Fruit Flavored Snacks
Written By: Gringo

I'm not a huge fan of swearing. It tends to make the person spouting blue language to appear a little less intelligent. Cursing can crudely and awkwardly break a sentence and make it harder to either concentrate or take seriously the words someone is saying. But I'd like to waive my criticism to say one thing.

Scooby Doo! Fruit Flavored Snacks are fucking awesome.

I don't know how to work my camera flash on/off button

These things, served up in 10 bags per box at your friendly local supermarket, are squishy, gelatinous and no doubt packed with potentially cancer-causing chemicals and additives and therefore highly addictive.

That fat paw giving the thumbs-up would be mine

Why did I end up buying snacks marketed on the presence of a cartoon detective dog and his cohorts? Why? Stop asking such probing questions!

The bag contains roughly 10 snacks, and they're all about the size of my thumbnail. They are all also universally delicious. The only downside is that the factory processing means the snacks tend not to look like the characters they're designed on.

Shaggy in snack form becomes Former U.S. President James Carter

The Mystery Machine becomes the top-half of the head of Morbo from Futurama

Scooby Doo is a frog with a big booty seen from behind, looking back coyly

The Velma snack was last seen in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Daphne is...a useless blob. Perhaps the most accurate snack

And there you have it. Unfortunately the other members of the team weren't in this particular snack bag, so you're just going to have to buy your own to find out exactly what they look like. If you can bothered.

I know I don't care.

Now, to end with, here is a picture of Scooby Doo driving the mystery machine and running over the snacks.

This is how I pass the time

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