How to Break Dance
Review By: Lauren

What up mother bitches? Its Pimp Masta Daddy Smooth Ice Lauren here to drop that shit like it was hot, and teach yo ass how to dance. But first we need to start with the basics. The first thing every breaker learns is footwork, it's what you do when you are on the floor. But it's defiantly not what Gringo does when he is on the floor, which is bang fatties! This move you are going to learn is called the six step. Because it has six steps. I am a mathlete.

First put your hands and feet on the floor. Your hands should be a little more than shoulder length apart, and your feet should be a little further than your hands. Don't get your butt too far in the air or too low to the ground.

Starting Position

Note: This guide is for going Counter Clock Wise, which is the way most right handed people go. If it is more comfortable the other way, then just reverse the instructions. Now lift your right hand up and place your left foot about where your hand was.

Step 1

Now put your right leg in the back of your left leg. Notice that my right leg is almost under my butt. Do not over extend your leg in step 2

Step 2

Next you are going to uncross your legs. Leave the right leg where it is and SWING your left leg out and under your fat ass. Be prepared to shift your weight to your other arm. The more of your weight (which is probably a lot. So many fat jokes!) that is on your hands the faster your feet can move.

Step 3

Now shift hands and cross your right leg over the left. When you are crossing be sure that your leg goes out and swings over the other one.

Step 4

Step five is where people seem to have trouble. All you do is put your other hand down while you step back with your left leg.

Step 5

Now just put your right leg back into starting position and repeat the six step.

There you go John Travolta! You are now on your way to serving some punk bitches with yo mad fresh skillz! Do not go for speed and accuracy at first, just try to remember the steps. Once you can do them without thinking about it you can then increase your smoothness and speed. Your feet should look like they are moving effortlessly. You can do this a couple of ways. Put more weight on your hands, and don't forget to swing your legs during the transitions. Another tip is to keep your knees close together, some people even make them touch while doing steps 2 through 4.

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