Joe's Superkeen List of Dreams (Best of 2004)
Written By: Joe

Puppies! Who doesn't like puppies?! Well, they aren't on my list but, rest assured, I like them puppies some nice! I like kitties better, really, but we shouldn't get into what I like and don't like here, this is a best/worst list after all! I can't fit all my dreams into a bucket, no matter how giant! Gracious, I go on and on, don't I? If I can actually remember enough things from pop culture and other stuff what happened this year, I will put them in here. If not, I will put some personal stuff in like I always do. Or, I could just stop typing! But that never happens, does it? DOES IT!?! OOOORG!


1. Katamari Damacy - This game is absolutely brilliant and I love it like a polar bear loves him some Klondike bar. The music makes me dance and the gameplay makes me play the game. Soooo good I punch a hippo. BELIEVE IT!

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Aside from the absurdly long, pretentious-sounding title, this movie is one of the best films I've seen in a awhile. Lots of fun! Uhh...mmmm...I am trying to think of something that is supposed to be funny that I could put here. Oh well! What a waste!

3. The Office - Technically this BBC series finished in 2003 but the Christmas special didn't come out in the US until this year so I can put it in, okay? This show is quite brilliant! It might not be funny all the time but it is easily the most painfully awkward thing I've ever witnessed and that in itself deserves awards for pain! Plus you get so involved like a homo soap opera (homo soap operas are a subgenre of soap operas) it makes you sad when you have to leave the characters and go back to watching bad television!

4. Invader Zim on DVD - Is yay!

5. My Movie Film - I made a little movie for one of my classes (I AM A FILM MAJOR, TRANSLATION: NO GIRLS) and it has been getting muy positive response. I'd dare say it is one of the best films of 2004 and you haven't seen it so you can't really refute that, now can you?

6. Rhythm is a Dancer - Last I checked, this was still true.

7. Alien Hominid - Honestly I'm more putting this on here because it's release was quite recent so it's fresh in my mind and I can't think of anything else but this game really is quite a lot of fun. It is just a boffo sidescrolling shooter game that is very hard but a real blast to play when you actually get semi-decent at it. Plus, it comes with a real nifty minigame. It's also just cool to see internet gents (the guys from use their skillz to actually make something cool and worthwhile. I know some people might not consider videogames worthwhile but they are definitely better than internet content and if you are at this site your opinion of what is and isn't worthwhile is pretty much inconsequential to me.

8. The Pixies - They came back and started playing all that musak again! They are my favorite band and I got to see them live ON MY BIRTHDAY! so that was certainly a treat. Sure, that Bam Thwok! song they came out with wasn't the best thing in the world but they still know how to rock it old school and I was very glad to get to see them. Also, they didn't even play the Bam Thwok! when I saw them so they must realize no one really wants to hear it. Smart blokes!

9. Buckets - You can put ALL KINDS of things in these! I wish I had one right now!

10. The Pillows - Good Dreams - The Pillows came out with a new album this year. It wasn't their best work by any means but it was still good and anything new from The Pillows pretty much brightens up my life that much more so it might as well be on here, old boy.

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