Freaks Are Beautiful People
Written By: VeeKay The Clown

"FREAKS!" Often used in a negative sense. As if all that is different is bad or evil. Well, we are FREAKS and we are proud of it. I am a member of a family known as The Wolf People, because several members are born with a condition known as Hypertrichosis, or The Werewolf Syndrome. Both males and female members are born with facial hair. Males are hairier then the females. And, yes, some members, such as Danny, Larry, and Chuy do look like werewolves. For my part, I am an honorary member of the family. I do not have the hair, but I was a circus sideshow "Wildboy," and often perform with The Wolfpeople as "The Wolf Clown."

But I am not special like they are. Case in point. Last year we, Chuy and I, received an invitation to appear in a music video. We were excited, but did not know much about it. Chuy and I arrived at a location to meet with a photographer and someone from the video production group. A man came to greet us. He seemed very pleased to meet Chuy, and gave me a passing wave. Chuy knew right away who this person was. I was clueless. Chuy said, excitingly, "It's Jackass!". I asked, "Who?". Chuy again said, "Jackass!" The person introduced himself as "Johnny Knoxville." Chuy explained, "This is the man from the TV show Jackass, and from the movie. Oh! Now I felt stupid. Chuy who speaks very little English knew more then me.

Johnny and his crew took us out to lunch and explained that we, well not really we, but Chuy, was invited to be in the latest Turbonegro video. Wow! After lunch we went to the set. It was dark and spooky. Looked like a grave yard. That's what I saw. Chuy saw the beautiful models. Everyone else saw Chuy. Soon he was surrounded by these beautiful models and extras. Everyone wanted a picture with Chuy. Of course they gave me their cameras, and I became the photographer.

Then we were introduced to the Turbonegro. A band from Norway. The lead singer (forgive me, I can't remember his name. But I bet Chuy does) spent several minutes chatting with Chuy. They had several things in common, including being called freaks. Chuy said, "It's good to be different. It has its bad times, but I wouldn't want it any other way. If I wasn't a wolf boy I would not have this opportunity to meet you or Johnny Knoxville, or everyone else here." I noticed that Chuy was looking at the young women when he said that. And women do love a hairy man.

You can see Chuy in Turbonegro's "Sell Your Body (To the Night)"

A British production company visited Chuy a few months later. They filmed Chuy doing everyday stuff, such as driving, bowling, eating, and greeting children. It is interesting seen people's reaction to the Wolf Boy. It seems that often, the clean cut, "normal," looking people are less accepting of a person like Chuy. Children are fascinated by him. You can see a sparkle in their eyes, and a big smile on their faces when they come face to face with a "REAL" wolf man. Especially, when Chuy takes the time to shake their hands, and allows them to touch his face.

Recently, while we were performing in a local sideshow in Southern California, a group of "Gothic" kids, one of them claimed to be a real vampire, wanted to meet Chuy backstage. To our surprise, the sideshow manager said to the kids, "He doesn't want to talk to a bunch of FREAKS!" Before I could react, Chuy jumped from inside the tent, saying, in broken English, "Freaks are welcome here!" The manager realized what he had done, invited the kids backstage, and they had a chance to spend about fifteen minutes talking to Chuy. I tried to tell them that besides being a clown I was a circus wild boy. They didn't care. But they did have a great time visiting with The Wolf Boy, taking pictures with him, and getting autograph. This was a sight, a wolfman, a vampire, and group of morose teens, having a great time talking and laughing together. Chuy mentions that he liked their style. One of the girls said, "Yeah, freaks are beautiful."

Currently, Chuy is performing in the Brothers Grim Sideshow, in Dallas, Texas. People like him very much. He is big hit at this old fashion sideshow. On in a while some will call him a "FREAK" in a negative sense, to which Chuy answers, "freaks are beautiful people." Check out new pictures of Chuy at:

Till the next time, your friend and mine,


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