Margarita Pracatan
An interview with this lady what sings.

Biker Tales
A really TOUCHING story by PHENOM for you to READ.

Gringo's Sixth Oscar Prediction Funfest
One year in the making. No, really.

Clowning Around With Veekay - #4
We Saw The Freaks And The Freaks Are Us!

Valentine's Day E-Cards or Fun with Clip Art
With only a whisper of bitter sarcasm.

Taco Bell's Carne Asada Improv Promotional Site - I'm a Bad Person
Oh I am, T-Bell. I am.

Jeff Robinson
An interview with the Ninja Academy star.

2006: In Memoriam
Jeff's really busted up over 2006.

Joe's Worst of 2006
She ain't pretty no more.

Joe's Best of 2006

A Guitar Hero Christmas
Because verbal child abuse is still funny.

All I Want for Sol Invictus
Jeff only has a few wishes for Christmas this year, and they're all VIOLENTLY realistic.

Jingle Bell Suck
Forget you, office party!

A Very Merry Gringo Christmas
Don't worry, the comic strip isn't about to return.

Life and/or Death "Blooper" Reel
Fans of the content of this video will be very pleased.

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